Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra/Prem Saves His Job

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2022 Written Episode

Rudra tells Vanshika that he lost his fake eyebrows and asks her to get another pair before he reaches Armaan’s house. Vanshika says MK is out of town. Rudra asks her to arrange it from somewhere else then. At outhouse, Kanchan asks Roohi why is Prem taking so much time to return home. Roohi says he must be taking time to arrange cow dung to use it as plant fertilizer. Kanchan gets angry. Digvijaj with Armaan walks in and asks Kanchan what is she doing there, Prem will jump on her waist again if he sees a rat. Preesha asks if Kanchan if Prem really did that. Armaan says yes, they had witnessed it. Kanchan fumes that she will not spare Prem for wasting her flower plant imported from Mauritius.

Rudra continues to panic about his eyebrows. Vidyuth suggests him to use white power on his real eyebrows. Rudra says Prem’s eyebrows are thick, so he will be easily caught by Armaan. Vanshika reaches to him and offers him fake eyebrows. Rudra thanks her and rushes to Armaan’s outhouse. Kanchan tongue lashes him for failing to perform his duty as a gardener and letting her precious imported flower plant die. Prem tries to speak, but Kanchan continues to vent out her anger and fires him from job. Preesha requests her to let Prem stay tonight with little Roohi and Saransh at night. Kanchan agrees and leaves. Preesha feels sorry for Prem and apologizes him.

Next morning, Preesha tells Kanchan that she shouldn’t be too harsh on an old man and not fire him from job. Kanchan says she lost her imported plant because of Prem. She then gets happy seeing her plant alive in a pot and asks how did this happen. Prem says he relived it with his magic and experience. Kanchan thanks him. Armaan notices him and asks what is he still doing here. Preesha says Prem relived Kanchan’s plant with magic. Prem says he will go now as he is deeply hurt with Kanchan’s bitter words. Preesha asks Kanchan to stop him. Armaan says let him go as he himself is going. Kanchan requests not to go. Prem agrees.

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Prem recalls feeling disappointed after Kanchan fires him from job. He tells his children that he realized that if he forcefully tries to revive Preesha’s memory, he may lose her life, so he is planning to leave Armaan’s house. Roohi convinces him that god has given this plan to him and he should continue with her. She suggests him to order similar imported plant if he wants to retain his job. Rudra sees Vanshika’s help in procuring the plant overnight from Mauritius and plants in a pot.

Armaan finds Kanchan’s exotic plant in a dustbin and finds Rudra bought another plant for Prem. He shows dead plant to family and says he told them repeatedly that Prem is Rudra’s aide, but nobody trusted him. Vanshika enters as Prem’s wife.

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