Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2023 Written Episode

Nayan frees herself and thinks of getting out of store room via a window, but finds it jammed. She writes HELP on it’s glass and thinks she will wait until someone sees it and comes for help. Guard splashes water on the glass and ties her back to a chair. Revati tells Sam that Aaliya is tired and hence she will go and lie her down in room. Sam threatens Ishani to get out of his house or else he will call police, says she was already in jail and she would go to jail again. Ishani says she is not afraid of jail and says she will not go until she meets Nayan. Sam thinks both sisters are too smart. He calls servant and asks if Nayan is at home. Servant says she came some time ago. Ishani refuses to leave. Sam takes her to room and says Nayan is bathing. Ishani refuses again. Sam knocks bathroom and and asks if she is in. Aaliya in Nayan’s voice says she is bathing and asks if he needs anything.

Ishani refuses to go until she sees Nayan. Sam drags her down and threatens him to get out. Ishani yells that Nayan was right that he is a monster and ill treats girls. She leaves from there. Sam returns to room and praises Revati for handling Ishani well. Revati and Aaliya recall how they fooled Ishani using a voice modulator. Nayan frees herself again, breaks window glass, notices hospital in front, and shows glass reflection towards hospital to seek someone’s help. Prem comes to hospital for a checkup and seeing reflection walks towards window. Nayan talks to him and informs that she is locked in a store room and asks him to call someone to come and free her. Prem says he will come and open the door. Nayan says ther is a guard outside, so he should go and bring some elder person. Prem goes and seeks security officer’s help.

Mohit in his room feels sad thinking about Ishani. Sam asks him to come out. Mohit walks down thinking why is he calling him after ruining his life and is shocked to see his mother. Revati says she invited her friend and now would be samdhan. Mother hugs Mohit and thanks Revati for inviting her here. She asks about Aaliya. Sam says Aaliya is resting, she had met with an accident. Mother gets concerned. Sam says she can meet her after she wakes up. Mother asks Mohit if he is fine and asks him to show his room. Sam asks them not to talk much as Mohit needs to get ready. Mohit and his mother leave. Sam tells Revati that she did right by calling Mohit’s mother, but why did she let Mohit speak to his mother. Revati asks not to worry as Mohit’s mother is burdened by their favor and wouldn’t back off.

Prem takes security officer outside store room and says this dirty until has detained his aunty inside the store room. Officer questions guard who says hospital hired him to guard store room and shows his fake ID card. Officer apologizes him and tries to take Prem away. Nayan thinks she needs to do something. Mohit’s mother asks why he doesn’t look happy. Mohit says he doesn’t want to marry Aaliya and is being forced. He informs that he is already married to Ishani and Samrat tricked them and got them divorced. Mother says so much happened here and asks him to explain detail. He explains. Mother says how can they do this to her, don’t they think even he has a feelings, how will he live in a forceful marriage, she wasted her life burdened under Revati’s favor and will not let his life ruined. She asks him to not marry Aaliya if he really loves Ishani. Nayan knocks door. Prem tells officer that he told this dirty uncle locked his aunty inside. Officer points gun at the guard and orders him to open the door.

Precap: Nayan enters wedding venue disguised as a Punjabi man. Guard informs Sam that Nayan escaped. Nayan asks Mohit’s mother to help her reunite Mohit and Ishani.

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