Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanshika Saves Rudraksh

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2022 Written Episode

Prem/Rudra tells Armaan that the exotic orchid flower plant died as it couldn’t survive in indian soil and hence he planted a new one with a special fertilizer and it survived. Vanshika/Prema says her husband made a mistake, but deserves forgivance as gardening is his life and he cannot do anything else. Kanchan says Prem did a mistake, but he proved that he is a good gardener and hence he can stay there and continue his job. Prema says even she will stay there as she lost her job. Armaan gets angry and says this is not a Dharamshala, already Rudra’s children stay with Prem, he cannot allow one more person in his house. Prem starts crying and pleads Kanchan to let her stay there. Prem thinks she will ruin his plan with her overacting. He requests Kanchan to let his wife stay with him and help them in household chores. Kanchan agrees. Preesha convinces Armaan and she feels good seeing Prem’s love for his wife, so they shouldn’t separate old couple. Prem and Vanshika thank Prem and leave from there.

Roohi gets worried when Prem/Rudra doesn’t return to outhouse. Prem returns with Prema. Roohi asks who is she. Prema says she is Prem’s wife Prema, Roohi’s mother. Roohi looks shocked. Saransh laughs and says she is Vanshika aunty. Vanshika reveals that she made a mistake of throwing dead orchid plant in a dustbin outside Armaan’s house and reveals how Armaan saw it and found out that Rudra bought another orchid plan and planned to expose Prem in front of Thakur family, then how she disguised herself as Prema and failed Armaan’s plan. Rudra thanks her and says she is a savior manager.

Pihu visits Khurana house to meet Raj. Sharda notices her and asks what is she doing here. Pihu says she came to meet Raj and hopes Sharda doesn’t mind. Sharda says why would she when Pihu didn’t do anything and shows her Raj’s room. Raj gets angry recalling Vidyuth acussing that Pihu and his mother drugged him and made him lose his voice. Pihu expresses his concern for Raj and says she had sent his rehearsal videos to a big music company which has agreed to record him next time, so his voice would be fine by next month. Vidyuth enters and humiliates Pihu and drags her out of Raj’s room. Raj stands silently. Pihu warns Vidyuth to behave as she came here for Raj. Vidyuth continues humiliating her and orders her to leave. Pihu walks away.

Rudra with his children and Vanshika visits doctor and question him why Preesha’s memory is not back even after she gets flashbacks. Doctor says its because of the memory erasing medicines given to her by Armaan, so they need to find out which medicines are there and stop them. While driving back home, Rudra says he already searched Preesha’s room and couldn’t find medicines there and he is sure medicines are in Armaan’s room as he is giving Preesha those medicines. Roohi says will enter Armaan’s room and get the medicines. After reaching home, she heads towards Armaan’s room when Kanchan notices her and asks where is she going. Roohi says to Armaan’s room as she needs Preesha’s help in studies. Kanchan agrees. Roohi heads to Preesha’s room where she notices Armaan mixing a powder in Preesha’s water and feeding her.

Roohi notices Armaan mixing medicine in Preesha’s drink and feeding her. Rudra with Roohi and Saransh enters Armaan’s room to steal the medicine. Armaan gets alert hearing a sound.

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