Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rahul’s Vengeful Plan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd October 2020 Written Episode

Yuvraj asks Rahul if he has gone mad to call Preesha and Rudra for dinner. He says he wants to inform them that he is taking back cases against Rudra and Preesha’s suspension. Yuvraj yells that he has really gone mad. Rahul says he loves his wife and doesn’t want to hurt her, so promised her to take back cases against Rudra and Preesha’s suspension. Yuvraj says if he loves his wife so much, he should sit in her lap instead of forgetting his revenge. Yuvraj says he will serve them something else instead of dinner. He says he will destroy Rudra completely and shows him a video. Yuvraj gets happy seeing video and says he was a small brute and with company he will reach his level soon, now nobody can stop Rudra’s destroyal, his and Preesha’s relationship will end forever.

Preesha gets happy thinking Rahul and Rudra’s differences will solve in Rahul’s dinner party. She informs Rudra that they are going for a dinner outing tonight. He says it would be fun with her parents, Saransh, and them. She says only she and him will go on a special surprise dinner outing. He gets happy thinking she also wants to propose him like he is and says I love. She nervously asks what.. He says he means I love this idea and asks her to get ready. He excitedly gets ready and in front of practices to propose her. Saransh walks in and asks what is happening. He nervously gives weird answers. Saransh asks him to tell truth now. He says he also catches lies like his mother and reveals about Preesha planning dinner outing with him. Saransh jumps in happiness and says he is going on a dinner date with Preesha and should very something special. Rudra goes to change. Saransh thinks finally mom and dad will love each other and stop fighting. Rudra changes different dresses, Saransh rejects them all and finally okays one.

Sharda walks into Balraj’s room and sees him looking at his and Rudra’s pic. Balraj asks why did she switch on light and to leave. She says she can see he is missing Rudra and suggests him to patch up with Rudra before its too late, he lost one son and shouldn’t another.

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Preesha also walks into kitchen and happily sings a song with Vasu. Vasu jokes to stop singing badly. Preesha informs her about meeting Neerja and revealing Rahul’s misdeeds, Neeraja confronting Rahul and convincing him to take back complaints against her and Rudra and to apologize Rudra in a dinner party tonight. Vasu says its a good news and gives her sari to get ready. Preesha gets ready in a beautiful sari and comes in front of Rudra. They both get mesmerized in each other’s eyes. Saransh alerts them and asks to keep it rest for dinner date and leaves. They both walk out. Rudra gets romantic with Preesha. Their both stand nervously. He is about to propose her when Saransh walks to them and asks if they are still her and finish all their chat before outing. Rudra thinks Saransh has bad timing like his mother and didn’t wait until he proposed Preesha. Preesha takes him to Rahul’s house and tells Rudra that her friend invited them for special dinner party. Neerja greets them and introduces herself. Rudra gets suspicious and asks which Neeraj is this and stands shocked when Rahul welcomes them.

Precap: Rahul switches on Yuvraj and Preesha’s romantic video on tab and walks away in lieu of getting glasses. Rudra panics watching it and breaks tab. Rahul says the woman he loves loves Yuvraj even today. Rudra confronts Preesha that she still loves Yuvraj and not him.

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