Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Becomes Unruly

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd November 2022 Written Episode

Roohi asks him what is he doing with Mrs Preesha Armaan Thakhur, he should stay away from her. Rudra warns her not to misbehave with his mother. Roohi takes him from there. Pihu watches them and thinks Rudra and Preesha are still connected to each other indirectly, she needs to make sure they don’t unite again. Preesha feels bad with Roohi’s behavior. Roohi shows partition line to Rudra and says Preesha married Armaan and divided their house. She takes him to Sharda who reveals that Preesha took over their house after repaying rudra’s loan and didn’t let her leave this house by entering a clause in papers that she can’t leave the house until she repays Preesha’s loan. Rudra says he is sure there is some reason behind it.

Pihu enters and says she knows the reason. She says Preesha got Armaan’s signatures on power of attorney papers and took over all his wealth, that is why he is supporting Armaan. Rudra believes her. Pihu thinks she created fake documents via Digvijay to make Rudra believe it and hate Preesha. Next morning, Rudra gets jealous seeing Preesha feeding breakfast to Armaan. Pihu informs Rudra that her ordered wedding jewelry is ready and soon they can marry. She hugs him expressing her excitement. Rudra asks what is she doing. She says she is making Preesha jealous. Rudra asks Sharda to fix a wedding date. Sharda says she will ask panditji to fix wedding date tomorrow itself.

After some time, servants get Rudra’s suitcases in Preesha’s room. Preesha asks whose suitcases are these. Rudra says its his suitcases and he will stay there. He forcefully pins her to the bed and reminds her the moments she spent on that bed under his arms romancing since and asks how can she sleep with Armaan on the same bed. Preesha pushes him away and asks him to get out of his room as he doesn’t have a right to question her and reminds that even he is staying with Pihu. Rudra walks away frustrated. Preesha feels guilty and thinks she had to do this to discourage Rudra. Rudra determines to take back his room from Preesha.

Preesha retuns to her room after some time and notices her and Rudra’s pics replaced by Rudra and Pihu’s pics on wall. She calls servant and asks who did this. Rudra enters and says he did that. Preesha asks how can he do this. Rudra says he can replace those pics as they were his pics with her and he can replace them. He asks if she wants to stay in this room even now. Preesha says she will and asks him to leave. Armaan enters and seeing Rudra gets afraid and asks Preesha aunty to save him from Rudra uncle. Rdura warns him to stop his drama. Preesah thinks she can’t keep Armaan here and leaves room saying she is leaving room for Armaan and not Rudra, so Rudra should stop troubling Armaan. Preesha feels sad seeing Rudra’s behavior. Rudra thinks how can Preesha change so soon and determines to punish Preesha and Armaan.

Rudra informs Sharda that he got investors’ call who are ready to invest on him, soon he will take back his house from Preesha and sends Preesha and Armaan out of his house. Sharda gives credit to Pihu as good things are happening with her arrival in Rudra’s life. She says even she has a good news for them and says panditji found wedding muhurat after 10 days. Pihu says its a good news. Rudra sks her to fix muhurat soon. Sharda says she is happy as happiness has returned to their house after a long time, she will fix muhurat soon. Roohi gets sad hearing that and cries. Saransh asks why is she crying instead of getting happy as she hates mamma. Roohi says she doesn’t want mama and papa to separate, she wished god to reunite them, but papa would become Pihu’s husband and Preesha is already Armaan’s wife. Saransh says even he wished mamma and papa’s reunion, but.. Roohi asks if there is any way to stop this wedding.

Precap: Pihu gets a parcel with a an ugly doll and letter written with blood. Rudra thinks who must have sent this. Sharda notices Preesha giving money to a servant. Preesha asks when he is marrying Pihu, why is he getting closer to her. Rudra says he wants to know truth.

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