Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Revati’s Shocking Demand

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd June 2022 Written Episode

Revati tells Preesha that she will not harm Saransh and Ruhi if she gives her future baby to her. Preesha denies and asks if she has gone mad. Revati says that baby is her Dev and threatens to kill GPS and send Saransh to jail if she doesn’t give her baby. Preesha thinks of informing about Revati’s crimes to Rudra. Revati sensing her thought warns her to dare not inform anything to Revati or else she will lose her father and son. Preesha gets tensed. Revati says she will stay with her for 6 months till the baby is born and then take it away. She then laughs on her and asks her to give the good news of her pregnancy to her family. Rudra enters and asks her what happened.

GPS wakes up and finds himself tied at an unknown place. Sharda asks Saransh and Ruhi if they saw GPS. They deny. She hears Rudra happily shouting and rushes to him. Rudra reveals that Preesha is pregnant and he is becoming a father again. Sharda also rejoices hearing that and prays Matarani to protect her family’s happiness. Saransh also rejoices saying he will get another brother or sister.

Ruhi feels sad. Rudra an dPreesha asks her reason. Ruhi says everyone will love only the baby and not her. Preesha says it’s not like that. Rudraksh says no one can take her place in their lives and he is sure that Ruhi will love her little sibling. Ruhi gets convinced and feels happy.

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GPS finds a landline, but hides it hearing someone coming. Revati walks in and says he h as to stay there for 6 months and can’t escape. She orders her goons to tie GPS again. GPS says Preesha will find him soon. She thinks Preesha won’t even guess that he is in her house and walks away from there. GPS thinks Preesha will definitely find him.

Rudraksh brings baby pictures for Preesha. Preesha asks him to frame them and desires to have a baby Rudraksh. He asks her to take care of herself and says he wasn’t with her when Ruhi was brn, but this time he willl not miss anything. She tries to tell him the truth thinking Revati is not at home. Revati enters with milk for Preesha. Rudra thanks her. Preesha thinks she will find some way to tell Revati’s truth to Rudraksh. After some time, Preesha writes an unanimous letter to Rudra and mixes it with other other letters. Ruhi leaves for the school, and Revati accompanies her. Preesha asks servant to give the letters to Rudraksh. Servant obeys. Preesha thinks rudra will find out Revati’s truth today. Revati video calls her.

Precap: Revati over video call warns Preesha not to reveal anything to Preesha. Rudra picks the letter. GPS calls Preesha and says Revati has hostaged him there. Revati pushes Preesha from the stairs.

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