Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Learns About Nayantara’s Plan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd February 2023 Written Episode

Nayan with Mohit’s mother Seema’s help replaces bride Aaliya with Ishani. Seema brings bride to wedding mandap. Panditji asks Revati to perform bride and groom’s gathbandhan. Revati says she had brought a special dupatta for Aaliya’s gathbandhan. Sam says he will go and bring it. He walks up and bumps on Nayan. Nayan’s turban falls down. Samrat pulls her fake beard and tongue lashes her for trying to interrupt marriage. He tries to lock her in a room. She pushes him and runs away. Samrat follows her. She disguises herself again and escapes. A guest stops Samrat. Samrat fumes thinking Nayan escaped again.

Nayan disguises herself as a waitress next and covers her face with a mask. She serves beverages to guest right in front of Sam who doesn’t identify her and continues to search for her. Revati calls him and asks him to stay near his sister and watch her wedding rituals. Panditji notices bride wearing sandals and asks her to remove it. Ishani gets tensed. Seema removes her sandals. Mohit thinks why is mom helping Aaliya when she knows that he loves Ishani.

Sam notices Aaliya not wearing his gifted anklet and thinks she must have forgotten it. He then notices tattoo on her hand and realizes its Ishani instead and Nayan did all this. He thinks of stopping marriage, but then thinks Mohit will near about Aaliya’s truth and will cancel wedding. He takes Revati aside and informs that Ishani is sitting as bride in place of Aaliya and shows her tattoo. Revati is also shocked and asks how did this happen. Sam says Nayan did all this. Revati says she will stop this wedding. Sam says they can’t or else Mohit will learn truth and cancel wedding.

Revati suggests him to replace Mohit and marry Ishani. Sam hesitates and says he is already married to Nayan. Revati asks since when he considered ugly and trouble making behanji as his wife, he had to marry her for a reason; she asks if he loves his sister, he has to marry Ishani or else stop calling Aaliya as his sister. Sam agrees and asks how will he replace Mohit. Nayan asks him not to worry and asks panditji to stop this wedding as Aaliya is manglik as per their family pandit. Seema says let the rituals complete. Revati says they have to follow panditji’s advice for the sake of children’s better future. Panditji says Mohit has to marry a tree first and then bride. Seema asks where will they find a tree now.

Panditji says he saw one behind this house. Sam and Revati take Mohit along and asks Seema to be with Aaliya. Ishani tells Seema that she is feeling anxious. Seema asks her not to worry as Revati is possessive about her children, especially Aaliya and can do anything for them. Mohit resists at first, but then marries a tree on Sam’s insistence. Nayan peeps from window and relaxes thinking they are just following rituals.

Precap: Nayan notices Samrat in groom’s attire marrying Ishani. Panditji says wedding is complete.

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