Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Preesha Reunite Again

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2022 Written Episode

Armaan boasts that Rudra cannot expel him from Khurana house as it belongs to him now and he transferred it in his name via Preesha. Rudra shouts that house’s power of attorney papers are in Preesha’s name. Armaan tears power of attorney papers and says legally he is the owner of the house now and Rudra can get it back when he returns his loan. He orders Khuranas to pack their bags and get out of his house. He warns Preesha not to take any sari or jewelry which she bought from his money and walk out bare handed if she is really a dignified woman.

Rudra apologizes Preesha for putting her in this situation. Preesha cries that she wants her love Rudra to be with him, but why its so difficult. Rudra talks about the importance of love in his life and says he should have realized that Preesha married Armaan with a reason. Saransh says he already told him, but he never believed him. Rudra feels guilty and apologizes Preesha. Preesha says there is no use of all this as he is already married to Pihu and they both can’t reunite. Rudra reveals that he didn’t marry Pihu. Preesha asks why did they return from court with garlands and mangalsutra in Pihu’s neck and why Pihu boasts about their marriage always.

Rudra takes Saransh’s oath and says he didn’t marry Pihu, his heart truly love only Preesha and he couldn’t sign court register, only Preesha is his wifey and will always be. Pihu recalls Pihu lying that she is carrying Rudra’s baby and asks why is he trying to please him when he will not leave Pihu. Rudra asks why wouldn’t he leave Pihu. Preesha says she knows the truth, sends Saransh, and asks what does he think of himself. She reveals how she had come to reveal him that she married Armaan for the sake of their baby, but Pihu met her and revealed that she is carrying Rudra’s baby. Rudra is shocked to hear that. He takes Preesha to Pihu and confronts her. Pihu accepts that she lied to Preesha and the truth is Vidyuth is her baby’s father. Preesha is shocked to hear that.

Rudra asks Pihu why did she lie to Preesha who always supported her. Pihu says she wanted to take revenge from Preesha for snatching Vidyuth from her; she was devastated after Vidyuth’s death and wanted Preesha to go through the same pain she is going through. She was wrong and realized that Rudra and Preesha truly love each other and cannot be separated. She apologizes them and requests to forgive her. She requests them to shift to her dad’s house after leaving Khurana house. Digvijay enters and says he can’t keep them home as they are Armaan’s enemies, he will take Pihu home and let Preesha and Rudra go wherever they want to. Rudra says what can be done when there is a problem in Digvijay’s family’s blood. Digvijay shouts. Rudra asks if he has audacity to shout after doing so much wrong. He challenges to claim back the househe bought from his hard earned money.

Precap: Rudra shifts to a small house with family. Armaan tells Pihu that they shouldn’t let Rudra’s family think that everything is over. Saransh requests for food. Rudra feels sad seeing only 100 rs in his pocket.

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