Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj tricks Prisha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prisha crying and changing her clothes. Maa comes to Balraj. He drinks and cries. He says I lost Rajeev. Maa says no use of these tears, Rudra didn’t say wrong, you took Rajeev’s life. She goes. He cries. Yuvraj gets Gopal’s call. He doesn’t answer and says keep calling. Vasu says we will go to Yuvraj’s house and check. Saransh comes home. Gopal scolds him and says Prisha is already in jail, where did you go. Saransh says I went to meet Rudraksh for this reason, I asked him to let mumma free, I heard you both talking and understood that Prisha would need his help, I took the help of auto driver and went to the ghat, I told Rudraksh to help Prisha, he said he won’t help, why. Gopal says he can’t break game rules, maybe he did acting in front og camera and refused. Saransh asks why would he get angry on mumma, don’t tell her.

Gopal says I have to tell her, else you will go there alone, don’t do anything such. Saransh says sorry. Vasu asks him not to go alone. Saransh goes. Vasu asks how long will we lie to him. Gopal says we can’t say truth. Constable asks the jail mates not to trouble Prisha. The jail mates fight. Prisha asks them not to fight. The lady slaps her and catches her neck. Prisha says get me out of here, I didn’t do that accident, Yuvraj did that accident. Yuvraj says I didn’t kill Rajeev, Prisha…. He wakes up and shouts Prisha. He says I have to meet Prisha and make her mute by my love. Balraj cries for Rajeev and apologizes to him. Rudraksh looks on and thinks you snatched my brother, you won’t have anyone with you now. Yuvraj comes to meet Prisha. She stays away. He starts his emotional drama. He asks what do you want, tell me.

Balraj and Rudraksh ask the lawyer to get Prisha severely punished. Rudra says Prisha should he hanged till death. He pays the lawyer. Prisha says I m not weak, if you are with me, I will tolerate everything. Yuvraj smiles and says you were not talking, I thought you are upset with me, I was getting away since I m in jail clothes. Yuvraj says you think my love will get less, no, my love got much, you are the most beautiful and true person, I have appealed in the court, you will be out of here soon, no need to get scared, I will get you released in minimum punishment. She says I trust you. She goes. He laughs and says be blind in my love until you get punished in the court, just one day more. Lawyer says I have evidences, pics of accident site. Rudra sees the pics and cries.

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He says its clearly seen how brutally she killed Rajeev, our case is very strong. Rudra says I want her dead. Lawyer gets a call. He says okay, send me a message. He says your wish will be fulfilled soon, the case hearing is starting tomorrow. Rudra asks who is the judge. Lawyer says judge is Yuvraj Pillai. Balraj asks what, he will decide in Prisha’s favor, I will call a minister and change the judge. Rudra says no need, I will make Yuvraj punish her, I will give her this heart attack. Saransh comes and asks for his tiffin. Vasu asks where are you going. He says school. She says take rest today. He asks what happened. She says fine, we will take you to school. She says Saransh is showing courage, why shall we fall weak. Yuvraj laughs and says I will decide Prisha’s fate, I will get free from her tomorrow.

Rudraksh says I will give you ten crores to punish Prisha. Ahana insults Saransh and Vasu. Prisha comes for the case. Yuvraj gives his decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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