Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Leaves Rudra’s House

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th April 2021 Written Episode

Sulochana boasts about her acting in front of Mishka and asks how as it. Mishka says not bad and says don’t know where did Ahana go, says even she has share in 500 crores. Sulochana says let they prepare the plan first, then she will inform her. Mishka leaves. Sulochana thinks now Preesha has to leave the house and thinks she underestimated champu Yuvraj, what magic did he do and changed doctor’s statement. Yuvraj walks to her. She praises him and asks what did he do that doctor changed his statement. He says he changed the doctor itself and goes into flashback where he calls Dr. Swami and says he needs a treatment from him. Dr. Swami asks him to take appointment and come to his clinic for treatment. He apologizes and disconnects call and captures Dr. Swami’s voice in voice modulator. He calls Chipkali/Preesha and speaks to her as Dr. Swami. Her then thinks he trapped Preesha and saved Chulochana and protein ki dukan Kabir, now how will Preesha save herself from Rudra’s anger. Out of flashback, Sulochana says now she understood why Rudra hates him so much, he is a big creep. He says he is and their association will break Preesha and Rudra’s bonding.

Preesha packs her bag reminiscing Rudra ordering her to go to her parent’s house for a few days. Sharda walks to her and asks if she is really going, she already told that Rudra would be upset. She asks what she could have done, she doesn’t know how can Dr. Swami change his statement, she is sure Kabir and Sulochana must have done something, Rudra will not agree even if Dr. Swami speaks to him face to face. Sharda asks to speak to Rudra once. Preesha says Rudra will not even see her face as he is very angry. Rudra vents out his anger on punching bag reminiscing Dr. Swami’s statement. Sonia rushes to him and stops him. He asks to move away and raises his hand on her. She asks to hit him then, she knows he loves Preesha a lot and is sending her away from him, so he is hurting himself. He says its not true. She says she knows Preesha is his weakness, so he should sort out things with her. He says one who insulted his mother and sister is nobody to her. She sees his injured hand, tears her dupatta, and forcefully ties it on his hand saying she cannot leave him alone as she considers herself as his family member, though he doesn’t consider it and share his problem with her. He hugs her cries. She feels good feeling his touch.

Preesha tells Sharda that until she brings proof against Sulochana and Kabir, she will not return, but she knows Rudra loves her a lot. Sharda says she is right. Rudra walks away murmuring why did Preesha did this. Sonia continues feeling his touch happily. Sulochana walks to her and asks if she is happy because Rudra and Preesha are separating. Sonia nervously says she is feeling bad instead. Sulochana laughs and says she doesn’t know to act properly. Sonia asks what she means. Sulochana asks why was she trying to go near Rudra. Sonia says she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Sulochana says she doesn’t mind if she gets closer to Rudra and orders her to separate Preesha and Rudra completely with her heinous acts. Sonia agrees and leaves. Sulochana thinks she got Sonia on work, now Preesha will be not only out of Rudra’s heart but also from his life.

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Preesha packs her clothes reminiscing Rudra yelling at her and ordering her to go. Rudra walks in and sees her packing clothes. She thinks she is going away from him, but knows he loves her. He thinks he loves her a lot. She asks why is he sending her away. He thinks she hurt him a lot. She thinks if he thinks she can hurt him, she is protecting him from his cunning brother and mother. He thinks she hurt him a lot and should better go from here. She thinks she is going to expose his mother and brother’s truth. She slips and he holds her. Their eyes lock, and they both cry. Saransh walks to Preesha and asks if they are going somewhere. Preesha says she has a lot of work in hospital and finding it difficult to travel, so they will in her parent’s house. Saransh gets happy that they are going to grandpaernts’ house and insists Rudra to accompany them. He says he needs to prepare music. Saransh realizes that they fought and insists Rudra, but Rudra doesn’t and asks to spend some time with him now. Preesha carries her bag away. Sharda requests her not to go. Preesha doesn’t agree. Sulochana thinks Preesha made her enemy and has to suffer.

Precap: Yuvraj tells Sulochana that they should exaggerate Preesha and Rudra’s fight and keep them away from each other. Sulochana says Sonia will become a wall between them. Sonia helps inebriated Rudra. Preesha holds Rudra saying she is his wife and will help him. Rudra pushes her away shouting he hates her and falls on Sonia. Sonia thanks him for giving Preesha’s place to him, soon she will replace Preesha.

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