Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Blames Mansi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th March 2023 Written Episode

Mansi serves food to Samrat’s foreign clients. Clients taste food and spit it out saying what kind of a food is this, halwa has salt and rajma has sugar. Samrat tastes it nd asks Mansi what is all this. Mansi says she prepared it herself, she doesn’t know how it happened. Malati and Shanti Paati smirk. Samrat drags Mansi aside and scolds her for being careless and ruining his reputation. Mansi says she really doesn’t know how it it happened. Samrat returns to clients and notices Nayan serving them South Indian food on floor. Client says they are elated to have South Indian food made by Nayan, they are fan of South Indian food and Nayan. Samrat thanks Nayan. Nayan says she did it for the guests and their house. He asks their house. Nayan says she is here for 4 months and leaves from there.

Malati and Shanti show thumbs up to Sam. Sam thanks them and says Nayan helped him for guests’ sake. They say she did for him, they are happy that even he realized his love for Nayan, soon they will make sure Mansi leaves his house soon. Mansi questions servants and scolds them for spoiling her prepared food. Servants say they didn’t spoil food. She asks who else then. They say Malati and Shanti came into kitchen after she left. Mansi thinks Shanti and Malati want to replace her with low-grade Nayan, she will not let their dream come true.

After some time, Sam asks Shanti and Malati to act as stealing money from his locker and hide it for a day to trap Mansi in a theft case. Malati hesitates. Sam convinces her. Malati opens locker and gets afraid seeing lots of money. Sam and Shanti say its a part of plan and asks her not to worry. Malati gets money from locker. Sam asks her to keep it in her room until his plan completes, then they will keep money back in a locker. Malati agreees. Someone hears their conversation. Next morning, Mansi enters room and drops oil on floor to make Shanti fall and injure herself. Shanti falls down. Malati, Nayan, and others rush to her. Mansi smirks and thinks let us see howmany bones are broken. Nayan checks Shanti. Shanti asks her not to touch her as its paining. Samrat and Mohit shift Shanti on a bed.

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Malati worries that Shanti must have broken her bones. Nayan walks aside and cries. Sam wipes her tears and comforts her. Dil Sambhaljaa Zaraa.. song plays in the background. They stand looking at each other. Ishani alerts them. Doctor informs that she tested Shanti and found her having spinal imbalance, she needs an immediate surgery which costs 10 lakh rs minimum. Nayan asks how well she arrange so much money. Sam asks her not to worry as he will pay for it. Nayan says she can’t repay him soon. Sam says she need not worry and asks Mansi to bring 10 lakhs from locker. Mansi says they can get Shanti treated in a government hospital for free. Sam asks her to do as he says and accompanies her. Mansi opens locker and is shocked to see it empty. Sam asks where did the money go as she as having locker keys. Mansi says she doesn’t know.

Mohit asks him why is he shouting. Sam shows empty locker and says Mansi wiped off whole locker in a day. Mansi swears she didn’t steal money. Sam says he knows her greedy nature. Aaliya asks him to relax as Mansi is shaken already. Nayan tells Samrat they should take Shanti to hospital first. Mohit asks Samrat to go and let him keep an eye on Mansi. Samrat gets Shanti into his car. Shanti stops Nayan from accompanying them.

Precap: Aaliya asks Mansi if she stole money.
Mansi says Nayan and her family must have stolen it. Nayan warns her to dare not accuse her family. Malati gets Mansi arrested for making Shanti fall down and injure her.

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