Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Revathi Attends Rudraksh and Preesha’s Party

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2022 Written Episode

Alia calls Saaransh and informs him that Dev’s location is found. Saransh nervously asks where is he now. Alia says he went to Goa due to mom’s fear, mom got a message from him, she feels relaxed at that her brother is fine. He says he wil call her later and disconnects the call and thinks of informing about it to Rudra. Preesha walks to Rudra and informs him that it looks like Sharda suspects them as she was asking for freezer keys. She fears Sharda may see Dev’s body. Saransh walks in and tells them that Revathi got a message that Dev is in Goa. Rudra says he sent that message from Dev’s mobile and asks him to maintain his calm and not let anyone know about the incident to anyone. Saransh leaves. Rudra says they will organize a party as they brought a fridge for it, then shift Dev’s body along with the garbage. Preesha agrees.

At the school, Roohi invites friends and then Alia for the party at her house tonight. Alia says she needs to take her mom’s get permission. Revati walks in and asks permission for what. Roohi invites even Revati for the party and walks away. Rudra and Preesha gets ready for party. Rudra thinks she is looking pretty. Preesha wears Rudra’s favorite color and asks if he will not compliment her. Rudra says it was his favorite, but not anymore as everything changed after she changed. Preesha says she is same, but his thinking changed; white is her favorite color and he is wearing white. He changes his white blazer and leaves from there asking her to focus on the issue first.

Alia gets ready for the party and asks Revathi why isn’t she is ready yet. Revathi says she is not feeling well, so Alia should attend the party alone. Alia attends the party alone. Roohi runs to her and thanks to her for attending the party. She asks if she came alone, where is Revathi. Alia says mamma is parking her car. Rudra and Preesha get tensed hearing that. Revathi enters and recalls her husband Rakesh convincing her to attend the party. Rudra thinks how he will dispose off Dev’s dead body now. Preesha says they will do it after the party after Revathi leaves. They both welcome Revathi. Rudra checks the freezer and relaxes seeing Dev’s dead body hidden between stuff. Staff walks in and asks for ice. Rudrak gives him ice and leaves after locking the freezer.

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Revati tells Preesha that Roohi is really sweet and she cannot understand why Dev hated Roohi. She further informs Preesha about Dev’s message and wonders why would he go to Goa as he doesn’t like Goa. She suspects something is really wrong. Preesha thinks she needs to clear Revathi’s doubt and tells her that escaped to Goa to hide from the house, so he must be in Goa itself. Revati says it’s possible. Preesha informs Rudra about Revathi’s doubt and says they need to dispose off Dev’s dead body as soon as possible. He says they will dispose it tonight. Revathi walks to Saransh and praises his annual function dance performance. She apologizes him for what Dev did to him. Saransh recalls Dev’s accidental death. He says Alia told Dev is in Goa, Revathi should explain him not to do any mistake again. Roohi hearing that tells Revathi that she did right by scolding Dev. Revathi asks when did she scold Dev. Roohi says Dev tried to kill her. Revathi stands shocked hearing that.

Precap: Preesha asks servant to let the party finish first, then they can dump the garbage at once. She turns and finds Revathi behind her. Rudra panics not finding freezer key and notices freezer open with Dev’s body exposed. Revathi walks in there.

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