Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s Rude Decision

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2021 Written Episode

Saransh walks to Rudra and Preesha and asks them to change their dress soon as he needs to play with them. Rudra asks him to go and play himself. He asks if they fought again even after his request, he got kidnapped for their concern and will goa way again. They both ask him not to say that as they are acting. He says he was also acting. Preesha thinks Rudra will find out truth once Dr. Swami’s call comes tomorrow. Sulochana calls Rudra. They both rush to her. Sulochana cries that Preesha ruined everything, Kabir is missing. Yuvraj says even Ahana is missing. Rudra says where they must have gone. Mishka shows Ahana’s letter and informs that they both eloped. Rudra reads letter that they both are eloping because of Preesha forcefully getting her married to Yuvraj, etc. Sulochana thinks if Kabir is mad to run away leaving 500 crores behind. Mishka shouts at Preesha if she is happy now. Yuvraj shouts that he doesn’t have happiness of married life in his life, his wife eloped. Sulochana blames Preesha again and cries it would have been better if she had not come here. Rudra consoles her and yells at Preesha that this is what she wanted, he was happy after getting his mother and brother, she ruined Kabir and bhabs’ life and not only them, even he will not forgive her. He walks away.

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After sometime, Sulochana gets Kabir’s voice message that he left her uninformed and don’t know when he will come. Sulochana fumes and prays god to send someone for help. Yuvraj enters asking if dushman/enemy aunty needs his help. Sulochana yells naye ande me se nikle purane chilgoze/old chicken from a new egg, if she is his enemy, then how can she be his aunty; what does he need, if he wants her to be out of this house. He says if god wills, she will be out soon. She yells to think of himself and get out. He says if he goes out, she should forget 500 crores. She acts and asks what 500 crores. He says my cute chulochana, he married Ahana and helped Preesha for khujana ka khazana/Khurana’s wealth as he will get it 500 crores after getting Saransh’s custody; she should take his help if he needs share in 500 crores. Sulochana says it must be his trick again. He says he doesn’t have much time for that, and if she thinks Preesha and Rudra will separate, she is wrong as they will fight and then reunite; she should trust him if she needs 500 crores. She says he is untrustable. He asks what if Dr. Swami informs Rudra that Kabir could walk from before. She says he doesn’t even know him properly. He says even he doens’t know her properly, even then he is trying to help her and himself.

Preesha eagerly waits for Dr. Swami’s call. He calls. She requests him to inform Kabir’s truth to Rudra. He agrees. She rushes to Rudra and informs Rudra that Dr. Swami is on call and he will inform truth to him. Rudra asks to switch on speaker. She does and asks Dr. Swami to inform Rudra about Kabir’s truth. Dr. Swami says what truth, Kabir couldn’t walk when he came to him. Preesha asks to tell that Kabir was not handicapped when he came to him. He says Kabir was handicapped and in fact was one of his must successful cases, it was a miracle and with his treatment Kabir can walk now. She asks if he is confused, she is talking about Kabir. He says she is not lying, but she is and disconnects call. She gets tensed thinking how can Dr. Swami lie, how will she expose Sulochana and Kabir’s truth.

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Rudra shouts how much she will lie and conspire against his mother and brother. She says doctor is lying and she will call him again. He breaks her phone and shouts if she wants to allege her mother again and send her out of house like her brother, etc. Sulochana consoles him. Rudra orders Preesha to go from there and stay in her parents’ house for sometime. Sharda asks him to calm down. Rudra shouts go and tells Sharda that he already warned Preesha. Sharda asks to think if Preesha did that before. He shouts she insulted his mother and brother repeatedly and conspired against them. Sharda asks if only his mother and brother are dear ones and not Preesha. Sulochana asks why she is confusing Rudra. Sharda says she is protecting him instead as Preesha never does wrong. Sulochana says Preesha ruined her son’s life and lied to whole family, even then she says Preesha cannot do wrong; she herself is feeling shame for her act, even then Sharda is supporting Preesha; if she has problem, she should also go with Preesha to support her. Sharda says this is her house and she will not go from here or let Preesha go. Sulochana says this is her house first and Rudra is her son, Sharda just bought him up. Preesha warns her to stop misbehaving with Sulochana. Sulochana continues yelling. Preesha asks Sharda not to bother as Rudra is considering her wrong and as usual will realize his mistake later, then she will take her decision. She walks away while Sulochana smirks.

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Precap: Sonia tells Rudra that she knows he loves Preesha and cannot go away from her. Saransh asks Preesha if they are going somewhere. She says to her parent’s house. Sulochana brainwashes Sonia to provoke Rudra against Preesha if she wants Rudra in her life.

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