Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Exposes Armaan’s Misdeeds

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2022 Written Episode

Dr. Khanna performs Armaan’s brain scans and informs Rudra that the scans are absolutely normal and Armaan is acting like a kid. Rudra asks what about the scans which Preesha saw. Saransh shows those scans. Dr. Khanna says these are of a mentally challenged person’s brian scans with a head trauma, so Preesha easily believed Armaan’s story. Rudra determines to expose Armaan in front of Preesha. At home, Preesha searches for Armaan. Pihu says even Rudra and kids are missing. Sharda says Rudra and Saransh went out to get a dirty carpet clean. Rudra returns and says Armaan is here. He asks servants to bring carpet in. Preesha asks where is Armaan. Rudra says at his right place and kicks the carpet unveiling Armaan.

Preesha shouts what happened to Armaan, what did he do with him. Rudra says he will expose this monster Armaan today who is absolutely fine and is just acting as a kid. Preesha shouts that she has seen Armaan’s brain scans and he is really mentally unstable. Pihu thinks how did Rudra find out Armaan’s truth. Rudra says he will prove it and calls Dr. Khanna who shows Armaan’s real brain scans and says she had seen a different person’s brain scans who had a head trauma. Preesha realizes that Armaan betrayed her and vents out her frustration on sleeping Armaan, but then stops.

Rudra confronts Preesha for not punishing evil Armaan who ruined their family life. Saransh and Roohi also insist Preesha to punish monster uncle. Preesha stands silent. Rudra asks why is she still silent and what is stopping her. Sharda says Armaan’s wealth is stopping Preesha as she loves Armaan’s money and is Armaan’s Preesha now. Preesha shouts she is not Armaan’s Preesha and doesn’t value Armaan’s money, she is silent because of one reason. Rudra asks what is that reason. Preesha reveals that Armaan knows where their lost son is. Rudra is shocked and says Revati stole their son away. Preesha says Revati planned their son’s kidnap with Armaan. She recalls meeting Armaan in jail who reveals he is behind Revati’s plan and only knows where her son is and would reveal it only if Preesha cancells all the cases on him.

Out of flashback, Preesha says she wanted to reveal truth to Rudra, but before that Rudra suffered a bomb blast and Armaan forced to marry him.

Precap: Pihu informs Digvijay that Rudra exposed Armaan’s truth. Rudra confronts Armaan and tries to kick him out of Khurana house. Armaan says Khurana house belongs to him now.

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