Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Malati And Paati To Help Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2023 Written Episode

Samrat gets heavily intoxicated and walks to watchman. Watchman asks what is he doing with him today. Samrat suggests him to never marry in life or else he will face consequences like him. He describes how he fell in Nayan’s love and how she is avoiding him now. He continues to pour his heart out. Malati and Paati notice him and think why he is drinking with watchman today. Samrat describes how his life is incomplete without Nayan and how he saved her from bomb blast. Malati is shocked to hear about bomb. Paati says they should question Nayaan and Ishani about it. Samrat refuses to return to his room without Nayan and describes how much he loves her. Malati and Paati feel happy hearing that and think Samrat and Nayan look good with each other, they should help them reunite.

Next morning, Samrat wakes up and finds Malati and Paati sitting in front of him. He asks what are they doing here. Malati says they came to help him and learnt about his love for Nayan last night. Samrat refuses. They continue to confront him and say they genuinely want to help him regain Nayan’s friendship. Samrat agrees and says he doesn’t know why Nayan is ignoring him and if Nayan also feels for him. They say Nayan also feels for him and they saw Nayan crying vigorously on terrace. Samrat says he doesn’t know why she is doing this. They say its because of Malati, he brought Mansi home and she is creating trouble between them. Sam agrees that he unwilling had to bring Mansi home because she accused Nayan for her miscarriage and demanded to get her back home and marry him to get Nayan out of jail. They both promise him to trouble Mansi so much that she herself will run away from his house.

During breakfast, Samrat informs family that he invited his foreign clients home to make them relish home food. He asks Mansi to cook for them as she cooks really well. Mansi agrees. Samrat asks Nayan to give locker keys to Mansi. Nayan angrily hands over keys to Mansi and walks away. Back to room, Chintu and Prem confront Samrat for his rude behavior with Nayan and favoring Mansi. Samrat explains his plan to them. After some time, Samrat brings clients home and introduces them to family. He introduces Mansi as his wife. Client says he heard Sam married Nayan. Sam says he is divorcing Nayan in 4 months and marrying his college sweetheart Mansi. Paati signals Sam and thinks now Mansi will feel the heat. They mix extra spices in Mansi’s prepared food. Client criticize such a horrible food.

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Precap: Mansi thinks now the will know the consequences of messing up with her. Paati slips and falls down. Doctor informs that she got an injured spine and needs 10 lakhs for surgery. Samrat asks Mansi to bring 10 lakhs from locker. Mansi finds locker empty. Samrat asks where did the money go when she was having locker keys.

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