Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir Strikes A Deal With Ahana

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2021 Written Episode

Preesha is shocked when Kabir hugs her from behind and complains Ahana that he did same what he does to her. Ahana says she was telling it since long that Kabir is a creep. Preesha says she will inform Rudra about it and he will kick Kabir out of this house. Kabir says its a misunderstanding. Ahana says his truth is out and now Rudra will come and deal with him. Kabir thinks things went out of his hands, now both Rudra and Sulochana will beat him and he will lose property, so he needs to do something.

Rudra presents award to a contestant and returns to his seat. Host announces Rudra as the winner of best singer award. Everyone clap for Rudra. Rudra thinks he wanted to receive this award in front of Preesha, why didn’t she come yet. He touches Sulochana and Sharda’s feet, receives award, and returns to his seat thinking why didn’t Preesha miss such a big moment. He goes aside and calls Preesha. Preesha fumes reminiscing Kabir hugging her from behind. Rudra asks why didn’t she come yet. She asks him to come home right now. He thinks something is wrong and rushes home with Sharda, Sulochana, Saransh, and Sonia. Preesha sends Saransh and Sonia in and cries hugging Rudra. Rudra asks what happened. Preesha says Kabir. Sulochana thinks if Kabir did something to Ahana. Preesha says Kabir hugged her from behind. Sulochana thinks Kabir didn’t even spare Preesha; she acts that Kabir is like a saint and he will never do such a heinous act, asks Rudra to control his wife. Sharda says Preesha never lies. Sulochana cries that everyone insults them in this house, it was better if she had stayed in her old small house. She alleges Preesha that she is lying. Kabir enters and says Preesha is telling truth. Rudra asks if he knows what he is saying and slaps him. Kabir says he thought she is Ahana. Sulochana thinks if he is out of his mind. Kabir says he hugged Preesha from behind thihnking her as Ahana as she wore Ahana’s sari. Rudra asks how can he think so low about Ahana, if he has gone mad. Kabir says he loves Ahan. Rudra shouts how dare he is to think ill about Ahana. Kabir says even Ahana loves him. Preesha says Ahana hates her and she herself told how he touches her inappropriately. She calls Ahana. Ahana comes down. Rudra says Kabir says he loves her. Preesha asks Ahana to tell how Kabir touches her inappropriately. Ahana says Kabir is right, she loves Kabir. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Sulochana thinks how did Kabir manipulate her. Preesha asks Ahana why did she said that earlier. Ahana says she lied and loves Kabir now, she was hiding her feelings for Kabir as he is Rajiv’s brother and tought how will society and family react; she was running away from Kabir and when he proposed her, she thought even she deserves one more chance and accept his proposal. Kabir says he really loves Ahana and wants to marry her.

Rudra says he can’t believe this, they gave him a good news and he will perform their marriage if they love each other; he asks Ahana not to worry about society and should start a new life with her new life partner, he is very happy for them. Sulochana says she is happy that Ahana will be her bahu. Rudra says its a big day for him today as he got award today and feel like Rajiv returned in his life. He congratulates Ahana and Kabir. Miska asks if she is sure what is she doing. She says yes.

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Kabir returns to his room. Sulochana excitedly praises him. He sees Sharda’s necklace in her neck and asks why is she still wearing it. She says she will wear it till morning and asks how did he manage Ahana and what magic did he do on her. He says he used his brain and goes into flashback where Ahana thanks god that Kabir did same heinous act with Preesha. Mishka asks her to relax and goes to get juice for her. Kabir enters and locks her room door from inside. She panics and says he shouldn’t come to her room and tries to slap him. He holds her hand and stands up. She is shocked to see that. She calls Preesha. He shuts her mouth and asks to listen to him first. She asks why was he acting as disabled when he can walk. He says he is thinking of her benefit and explains that Saransh is legal heir of all the properties and not Rudra, Preesha is his legal custodian and hence properties will to her; Saransh is Rajiv’s son and Ahana is his wife and can be Saransh’s custodian; she should marry him as court doesn’t give child’s custody to a single woman. Ahana agrees.

Precap Preesha notices Sulochana hiding Sharda’s necklace in Kabir’s wheelchair and lying that she lost it. She informs Rudra about same. Rudra as usual overreacts. She searches wheelchair.

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