Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya’s Suspicious Acts

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2023 Written Episode

Nitya seizes Samrat’s construction site after a skeleton is found and calls police and forensic team. Nayan tells Sam that its good Nitya is here and handled to situation, else it would have been difficult for Samrat. Samrat walks near skeleton and observes it carefully. Nitya notices him and asks him to come out as its a crime scene, though it’s his land. Sam thinks why no construction happened at this prime land for years, how couldn’t anyone notice a skeleton here. He suspects if Nitya is involved in this crime as she tried her best to stop construction there and took charge once skeleton is found. Nitya gets skeleton into ambulance and steals skeleton’s tog silently. He thinks he shall confirm himself with a proof and then inform Nayan about his suspicion on Nitya. Nayan asks what was Nitya talking about. Sam says she asked to stay away from crime scene and asks him not to worry as he will sort out his differences with Nitya. Nayan asks her to do it soon as Nitya is her bestfriend and Kashvi’s MIL and she doesn’t want any problem in Kashvi’s life. Sam thinks Nitya is stubborn and egoistic, he needs to handle the situation sensitively.

Mahima with Veera reaches Lokesh’s photo studio and informs receptionist that she has a photo shoot at 10 a.m. Receptionist checks and says there is no appointment in the name of Mahima. Mahima asks how can it be as Lokesh’s assistant Kunal had booked an appointment for her. Receptionist says there is no one named Kunal works for Lokesh. Mahima realizes that Kunal fooled her and looted 5 lakhs from her. She asks Veera to call her fraud cousin. Veera calls Kunal and finds his number switched off. Kashvi and Arjun hurriedly rush from home to attend an important lecture when Aruna stops them and insists Kashvi to prepare vrat/fasting food for her and family. Arjun says this lecture is important for them. Aruna gets adamant. Kashvi agrees to stay back home and prepare food for family. Arjun leaves fuming. Aruna grins.

Sam visits Nitya’s office and confronts her for denying permission citing environmental norms while minister easily gave permission. Nitya says she had read 4-5 year old report and had denied permission, but she now read an updated report. Sam accuses that she is having some connection with the dead body and hence denied permission. Nitya gets angry and says she has a clean career and nobody can point fingers at her, he can enquire in the whole building about her and nobody will give a bad report about her. Their argument continues when Kashvi walks in and asks why are they arguing. Sam they have different political view and hence arguing, its their normal thing. Kashvi says she brought chole puri for Nitya and asks Sam to join. Sam says he has some important work and leaves.

Sam meet a police inspector who informs that the skeleton is of a 55-year-old man according to forensic report and they are trying to identify the person. Sam is shocked to hear that as he saw toe ring in the skeleton. He reaches morgue and bribes wardboy to show the skeleton. Warbdoy shows him skeleton and says that is the one forensic team brought here. Sam says its a different body as they had found a woman’s skeleton at the construction. Wardboy refuses. Sam realizes that the skeleton is replaced.

Precap: Wardboy informs Nitya that he finished her given task, though Samrat was interfering a lot. Nayan informs Sam that Nitya was caught in a scandal in which her college Shehnaz Kaur was also involved. Sam thinks if the skeleton is of Shehnaz Kaur. Hotel staff asks Mahima to clear her hotel bill.
Mahima blackmails Sam to send 10 lakhs more to her or else she will reveal that Kashvi is his daughter.

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