Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Gets Suspicious

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th January 2023 Written Episode

Sam shows paralyzed Aaliya to Mohit and says he and Ishani ruined Aaliya’s life, but he feels Aaliya will get back to normal with Mohit’s return in her life. Revati says its good that Mohit returned to Aaliya. Sam warns him not to think bout Ishani again. Mohit says Ishani herself will not as he broke her heart. Sam informs that Mohit and Aaliya’s wedding is after 2 days as he doesn’t want to delay it anymore. Revati asks Sam to bring Aaliya’s medicines. Sam says let Mohit bring Aaliya’s medicines and take care of from hereon. Mohit leaves. Sam closes door. Aaliya excitedly hugs and thanks Sam and insists to take her on wedding shopping. Revati says Mohit will notice her and all their plan will go in vain. Sam says he will take Aaliya out. Aaliya feels excited.

Nayan visits hospital and seeing Mohit says he must be happy with Aaliya after ruining Ishani’s life. Sam notices her and asks what is she doing with Mohit. Nayan says he called her to take care of Aaliya. Sam says Aaliya and Mohit’s wedding is after 2 days and he wants her to accompany them for shopping. Nayan thinks she will accompany them and try to find out truth. Ishani dances well in her new dance troupe. Her choreographer praises her brilliant dance and asks show organizer to get a new outfit for Ishani. Organizer says they will go to RM mall. Sam with Mohit, Aliya non a wheelchaior, and Nayan reaches RM mall. Ishani also reaches there and asks Nayan what are they doing here. Nayan says they came for Aaliya and Mohit’s wedding shopping. Ishani thanks Mohit for his second marriage.

Sam gifts a new Tata Nexa hybrid electric car to Mohit and welcomes in his family. They promise the car. Mohit thanks Sam and says its confirmed that returning to Aaliya was the right decision. Ishani leaves from there crying. Mohit feels sad. Inside the mall, Sam asks Mohit to coordinate his dress with Aaliya’s dress. He asks Nayan to select a lehanga for Aaliya. Nayan hesitates. Sam selects a lehanga for Aaliya and says he will busy similar sherwani, he can’t wait even for 2 days. Ishani feels disheartened and goes from there. Mohit leaves Aaliya’s hands and walks aside. Nayan think Mohit was trying to making Ishani jealous and doesn’t love Aaliya, she needs to meet him and find out truth. Mohit says he will go and try sherwanis. Nayan says even he will try some dresses and leaves.

Nayan forcefully enters Mohit’s changing room and insists him to confess that he loves Ishani and Sam is forcing him, she will help him if he tells truth. Mohit says he already told that he needs a luxurious life and is happy with Nayan Sam tries sheraniw and gets suspicious thinking Ishani and Mohit must be meeting in a changing room. He walks to changing room. Nayan insists Mohit to tell truth or else he will ruin 3 lives. Sam knocks changing rom searching for Mohit. Mohit gets tensed hearing him. Nayan signals him to speak. Mohit says he is inside. Sam asks what is he doing for so long in a changing room.

Precap: Nayan tells Mohit that Ishani will die in sorrow if doesn’t reveal truth. Mohit says he will. Nayan sees Revati brining a doctor and questions doctor. A lady passes by Sam. Sam identifies her perfume smell and thinks she is here.

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