Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s Anger Outburst On Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2021 Written Episode

Kabir locks himself in a room. Sulochana with Ahana and Mishka knocks door and requests him to come out. Rudra walks to them, and Sulochana pleads him to do something and get Kabir out. Rudra knocks door next and asks him to come out. Kabir says he cannot tolerate seeing Ahana with chomu Yuvraj. Ruda says he will not let Yuvraj stay with Ahana and will seek appa/GPS’ help. Sonia walks in and asks if he is talking about Preesha’s father. Rudra says appa was a judge and will give some solution. Sonia says Preesha is the one who created this problem as she got Yuvraj married to Ahana. Rudra goes to question Preesha. Ahana tries to walk behind Rudra, but Mishka stops her and says idiot Kabir needs her and herself walks behind Kabir. Sulochana fumes that Preesha ruined her 500 crore plan. Ahana asks to speak slowly. Sulochana asks Kabir to open the door as Preesha ruined their plan. He asks her to go and leave Ahana with him. Sulochana leaves. Kabir says he needs to talk to Ahana. Ahana asks him to speak as she doesn’t have all day.

Preesha tells Yuvraj that he has to do as she said. Rudra enters with others and asks what did she tell Yuvraj, if she is planning something. Preesha asks what is he talking about. He says he is talking about the marriage which Yuvraj forcefully performed with bhabs/Ahana. He shouts her to tell the truth as he knows she cannot do this. He gives his promise. Preesha agrees that she did all this. Rudra shouts if she realized what she did, she snatched Kabir and Ahana’s love and got Ahana married to a traitor Yuvraj; shouts that he already told her that if something wrong happens to his mother and brother, he will not spare her. Sharda asks him to calm down and listen to Preesha’s justification. Rudra shouts at Preesha again why did she do this. Preesha says she doesn’t trust Sulochana and Kabir. Rudra shouts if she doens’t trust a mother who gave him birth. Preesha says he never trusted her, she told him that she saw Sulochana inebriated in a bar and found alcohol bottles in her room, Sulochana gave 2 crores to her unanimous friend and didn’t get the money back. Sulochana tries to speak. Rudra stops her and asks Preesha to continues. Preesha says his brother Kabir is a biggest traitor, he could walk from before and emotionally used Rudra, she found it when she found rangoli stains in Kabir’s shoes and when she took him to Dr. Swami’s Chennai clinic, Dr. told Kabir is fine, and when she was about to expose Kabir, Rudra was kidnapped. Sulochana says she is lying. Rudra asks Preesha to prove if Kabir can walk, call Dr. Swami and let him speak to him. Sulochana gets tensed that they will be caught today. Preesha calls Dr. Swami’s clinic and requests receptionist to let her speak to Dr. Swami. Receptionist says Dr. Swami has 3 surgeries lined up and cannot speak to her today. Preesha asks her to inform Dr. Swami that she had called up and to call her back. Rudra shouts that she didn’t let him speak to doctor, he would have found out truth.

Sulochana starts her drama and asks Rudra if he is doubting them along with Preesha, if outsiders will justify them, they are humiliated completely now, Preesha always doubted them and tried a lot to spoil their dignity, even Rudra didn’t trust them, etc. Rudra asks her to calm down. She continues shouting that Preesha is hellbent to prove them wrong and he is blindly trusting her instead of his mother and brother. Rudra says he trusts her, but trust even Preesha as she is his wife and always helps his family, he will find out why she did this and then will take a decision.

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Yuvraj walks towards Ahana’s room blabbering that she is not convinced at all, they just need Saransh’s custody with his fake marriage, etc. He enters her door and doesn’t find her and starts searching her. Sulochana clashes with him and yells at him. Their nok jhok start. He asks if she saw his wife. She says Ahana must be in Kabir’s room mourning. He says he will turn her mourning into happiness. They both enter Kabir’s room, don’t find Ahana and Kabir there and continue their verbal spat.

Preesha walks to Rudra and asks if he is angry on her. He says when he was kidnapped, he realized value of family and thought if he escaped, he will live a happy life with his family and Preesha, but she ruined it by bringing Yuvraj in between and gave her pain. She asks if he thinks she likes troubling him and if she has enmity with Sulochana and Kabir, she is doing all this for him and to save him from tricksters Sulochana and Kabir. He says if she is proved wrong, he will not stay with her. She says if she is proven right, he will not stay even with Sulochana and Kabir as justice should be same for everyone. They both stand aside crying. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Precap: Sulochana informs Rudra that Kabir is missing.
Mishka says Ahana and Kabir eloped and gives their letter. Rudra blames Preesha and asks her to leave his house and stay in her parent’s house for a few days.

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