Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohit Seeks Divorce From Ishani

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th January 2023 Written Episode

Mohit tells Ishani that his life turned into hell since he loved and married her, he left a whole world for her and became a broke and in jail because of her. He says he now realized that there is nothing in life without money. Ishani asks if love and family is nothing for him. He says he is in jail from a palace because of Ishani. Nayan asks him to stop as Ishani is getting hurt. Mohit says this is truth. Nayan asks if he called her just to say that. Mohit says she got them married, he can’t lead a poor life because of Ishani and was better with his first love Aaliya and Samrat. Ishani says he told he is tired of Aaliya and doesn’t love her. Mohit says he just wanted to trap her and wanted to get physical with her, he knew is a typical Indian girl and wouldn’t let him touch her without marrying her, so he married her but couldn’t even touch her properly.

Ishani slaps him and asks if he just wanted get physical with her and just money is everything for him. Mohit says its common in London. Nayan says marriage is everything for them. Mohit says not for him, he will divorce Ishani and marry Aaliya. Nayan asks how can he divorce Ishani and marry Aaliya who is paralysed and in bed. Mohit says Aaliya is still Samrat’s sister, he will get back his rich lifestyle after marrying Ishani. He asks Ishani to sign divorce papers. Ishani refuses to sign. Mohit says he already singed and is going out of jail, its up to her whether she wants to sign and get out of jail or stay in jail forever. Ishani says she made a big mistake by not identifying him properly, she hates him. Mohit says she is wasting their time. Ishani says he is right, she thought him as something else and he turned out to be something else. She signs divorce papers and throws it on his face and hopes she doesn’t see his face again.

Mohit’s tears fall on divorce papers. He wipes his tears and walks away without taking papers. Nayan notices his tears and thinks something is wrong. Inspector frees Ishani and says she is lucky that Samrat took back his case or else they would have been in jail for long. Mohit and Ishani look at each other and recall the quality time spent with each other. Ishani walks away saying she doesn’t want to see his face even for a second. Mohit also walks out of police station wiping his tears. Nayan and Ishani come out of police station and see Sam dancing with musicians. He asks Mohit to join him. Mohit joins him. Sam hugs Mohit and says he is so happy that he returned to his family, he is glad that Mohit revealed that he was mislead and doesn’t love Ishani anymore.

Mohit recalls calling Samrat and informing that he has to act as hating Ishani and break her heart or else she will not divorce him. Sam promises to help him. Mohit thinks this was the only option to get Ishani out of jail. Malati and Paati excitedly open door and welcome Ishani and Nayan with an aarti thali. Malati asks where is Mohit. Ishani sets off aarti lamp with her bare hand and says nobody will take Mohit’s name in this house again. Malati asks what happened. Nayan describes whole story. Malati says she cna’t understand how can Mohit do this. Next morning, Nayan goes to Ishani’s room to wake her up and finds her missing. She informs Malati and calls Ishani, but Ishani doesn’t pick call. Paati hopes Ishani is fine. Ishani returns home. Paati and Malati ask where she had gone uninformed, they were afraid that she would do something wrong after yesterday’s incident. Ishani says she is heart broken, but is not that weak to sacrifice her life; she had gone for a job interview and got a job in a dance troupe. Malati says its a good news. Ishani says she did wrong by trusting someone, now she will not trust anyone. She goes in to freshen up. Nayan thinks Mohit’s tears were not a lie, she will find out truth at any cost.

Precap: Sam informs Mohit that his wedding is after 2 days and takes Nayan for wedding shopping. In a changing room, Nayan asks Mohit if Samarat is forcing him to do this, they both can defeat Sam in his own game. Sam knocks Mohit’s changing room door.

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