Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Saves Nayantara

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2023 Written Episode

Nayantara asks Samrat to go from the warehouse as a bomb on her can blast any time.
Samrat refuses to go without Nayantara. Police enters with Prem. Samrat asks them to stay away as there is a bomb on Nayan’s body. Prem says he came to save Nayan maa. Nayan asks him to stay away. Inspector sends Prem out and asks goons how to defuse the bomb. Goon says its impossible as its activated with weight imbalance and will blast for sure. Inspector calls bomb suad in. Bomb squad try to defuse bomb. Nayan asks Samrat not to act mad and go out. Sam says he will live or die with her. Nayan says he should think about their families and Prem. Samrat refuses to go.

Mansi reaches the spot and waits outside anxiously thinking what must be going inside. Police bring goons out and throw them in jeep. Mansi fears they may reveal her name. She walks to them and threatens them not to take her name. Goon asks what if police torture them. Mansi says she will get them out somehow and warns them not to take her name. She asks what happened to Nayan. Goon says they had fixed bomb on Nayan’s body and hid her in a rice bag, but Samrat entered and got her out of bag; now bomb is activated and they both can die any time. Mansi thinks she can’t let Samrat die as her plan of living a lavish life with Samrat will fail.

Samrat lifts a weight and holds Nayan. Bomb stops ticking. Sam then asks bomb squad to remove the bomb now. They remove it and take it away. Nayan hugs Sam emotionally. Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song plays in the background. Mansi fumes seeing bomb squad taking bomb out and thinks how couldn’t it blast. Squad throw bomb in air and it blasts. Prem runs back to warehouse calling Nayan. Mansi thinks that will she do if Nayan exposes her truth to Samrat. She then thinks she has another trump card with her. Mohit and Ishani continue to call Sam worried for them. Sam picks call and explains them what had happened. Ishani asks if they are safe now. Sam says they are safe and are returning home. Ishani and Mohit hug each other emoitnally. Aaliya gets jealous seeing that and says instead of worrying for Nayan, they are romancing here. Mohit says bomb is defused, Nayan is safe and returning home. Aaliya thinks stupid Mansi’s plan failed and once she is exposed, Sam will kick her out of the house; thank god she is safe.

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Nayan asks Sam who must have done this, how does goon know that she was going to attend an interview. Sam says it was a fake call and well planned, he is sure Raghav must have planned all this. Nayan thinks Mansi must have done it. She says she thinks its done by someone else. Sam asks who is it. Inspector calls him out to record his statement. Mansi walks in and congratulates Nayan. Nayan asks what is she doing here. Mansi says she learnt about her kidnap and came here worried for her. Nayan asks how does she know about the place, she knows its all her plan. Mansi laughs and agrees. Nayan says she tried to kill her as she found out about her fake pregnancy. Mansi says she is intelligent and found out everything. She accepts that Nayan is a hurdle between her and Sam, so she had to plan all this. Nayan says she will reveal truth to Sam who will kick Mansi out of his house. Mansi says she knows Sam will do something similar, but before that Nayan should decide what she wants to do. She knows her some video. Nayan asks how can she be so cheap. Mansi says she will get whatever she wants by hook or crook and threatens to viral this video; she orders her to tell Sam that she wants to go away from him, will sleep separately till their divorce, and will break their relationship.

Precap: Aaliya asks Mansi how did a miracle happen. Sam asks Nayan why she is ignoring him. Mansi walks into Sam’s room to sleep on his bed.

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