Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Convinces Mohit to Divorce Ishani

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th January 2023 Written Episode

Nayantara and Malati meet a lawyer and request him to fight Ishani and Mohit’s case.
Lawyer says no one will fight their case as Aaliya has mentioned Ishani and Mohit’s name in suciide note, so nobody can save them. Nayan says they both are innocent. Lawyer says nobody would like to mess up with a celebrity Samrat. They consult many lawyers who all refuse to take up their case. One lawyer says he can’t assure win but needs lakhs of fees. They both walk out disappointed. Malati asks Nayan what will they do now. Nayan says there is only one way, she should meet Sam and compromise to his demands.

Nayan enters Aaliya’s room in search of Samrat. Aaliya busy messaging on her phone gets tensed seeing her and lies down as paralyzed. Her phone rings Nayan picks phone is about to pick it when Sam enters and takes phone from her. Nayan says she came to talk to him. Sam says he doesn’t want to talk and sends her out. Aaliya relaxes. Sam closes door. Aaliya thanks god and asks Sam to meet Mohit and force him divorce Ishani and marry her. Sam leaves. Nayan notices Prem who informs that he is getting discharge and her mother is doing discharge formalities. Nayan notices Prem’s mother. A doctor speaks to Prem Mother leaves from here by then. Driver comes and takes Prem.

Sam meeets Mohit and says he will save him from death penalty, is pity on him seeing him in this condition as he was habituated to a luxurious lifestyle. Mohit asks what he has to do. Sam says he has to divorce Ishani and marry Aliya. Mohit says he truly loves Ishani and will not leave her. Sam says they will rotten in jail, he should accept his condition if he truly loves Ishani and get her out of jail. Mohit agrees, calls Nayantara, and asks her to visit police station soon. Nayan reaches there. He visits Ishani and says he was rich and leading a luxurious life, but since he came to India and met her, his life has turned into a hell.

Precap: Mohit tells Ishani that he wanted to get intimate with her and doesn’t love her. He asks her to sign divorce papers.
Ishani signs and says she will not see his face again. Nayan notices tears in Mohit’s eyes and thinks something is wrong.

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