Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Spies On Armaan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th November 2022 Written Episode

Preesha slaps clown and tongue lashes him for playing a bomb blast prank in a children’s birthday party. Clown says he just blasted confetti twinkling stars. Preesha threatens to complain against his boss and file a police complaint. Rudra asks her to calm down as clown was just doing his job of entertaining everyone, how would he know that she would go to any extent to protect Armaan. Preesha says why wouldn’t she. Rudra says it was a fake bomb, so she should end this issue right here. He sends clown away. Armaan thanks god that he didn’t run to save his wife or else he would have been exposed, Rudra cannot snatch his Preesha back from him.

Preesha walks to her room fuming. Rudra walks behind her. Preesha asks him to go as she doesn’t want to talk to him. Rudra says he wants to do and asks what is special in Armaan that she risked her life to save Armaan, she even forgot their love for each other, what would have happened to him and his children if something happened to her. Preesha says she doesn’t want to say anything and frees herself. Rudra says her silence speaks everything, she is hiding something for sure. Preesha recalls Pihu lying that she is carrying Rudra’s baby and says even he moved on in life with Pihu forgetting his children. She pushes him out of her room and thinks how to tell him that the reason is their child, she wants to know her child’s location from Armaan, she is deeply hurt with Rudra’s behavior. Rudra also feels disheartened with Preesha’s behavior.

Roohi angrily asks Saransh why did Preesha save Armaan. Saransh says Preesh is a doctor and fulfilled her duty of saving a kid. Roohi says Armana is not a kid. Rudra says they will find some other way to expose Armaan. He thinks and says they should install secret CCTV camera in Armaan’s room and keep an eye him, he is sure Armaan will make some mistake in some part of the day. Kids agree. At night, Rudra and Saransh visit Armaan’s room while he is asleep and fix a CCTV camera in a portrait. They check live footage whole night but doesn’t find anything suspicious. Next morning, Armaan finds painting’s position changed. Preesha corrects it.

Armaan continues to act as a kid. Roohi asks Rudra if Armaan really became a kid. Digvijay brings toys for Armaan. Armaan signals him at the painting. Rudra notices it and discusses with kids that Digvijay knows about Armaan’s plans, so they should keep an eye on even Digvijay. Digvijay tells Armaan thathe will take him to activity class. Armaan acts excited. Rudra follows them. Armaan relaxes in Digvijay’s call. Digvijay praises his acting. Armaan reveals how he saw Rudra fixing camera in his room and how he destroyed earlier recording recorded by Roohi. They both head to their office.

Precap: Rudra takes Preesha to Armaan’s office and exposes Armaan’s truth.

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