Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2022 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2022 Written Episode

Preesha with Saransh returns home. Vaijayanti/VJ asks where she had gone and informs that she preponed the court hearing to tomorrow. Preesha gets tensed hearing heart VJ says Preesha will be proved innocent tomorrow. Once she leaves, Saransh asks Preesha how will they get proof against VJ by tomorrow. Rudra with Roohi returns home after shopping. Roohi shows her new dresses to Preesha. Rudra sends Roohi in and warns Preesha not to say anything to Roohi as she is his daughter too and he already lost 5 years without Roohi because of Preesha. He gets his lawyer Khatri’s call who informs him about the court hearing tomorrow and tells Preesha she will not meet Roohi again after her court hearing tomorrow as she will go to jail forever.

After some time, VJ serves dinner to everyone and tells Preesha that she made a sweet dish for her. She spikes her sweet dish with sleeping pills and thinks she will be in jail from tomorrow. Saransh picks a bowl and goes to have sweet in his room. VJ serves sweets to Preesha and says she made it, especially for her. Preesha says she is feeling sleepy and goes to her room. VJ walks to her room thinking Preesha must be asleep by now and picks a book in which she has hidden 0.357 caliber gun with which she shot Venky and thinks she will take Preesha’s fingerprints on them and prove in court that Preesha murdered Venky. She then walks into Preesha’s room, finds her sound asleep, takes her fingerprints on the gun, leaves from there. She then keeps the gun outside Rudra’s lawyer Khatri’s house with a message that Preesha used this gun to murder Venky. Khatri reads the message and walks in with a gun. Vaijayanti thinks tomorrow Khatri will prove Preesha guilty in Venky’s murder, nobody can save Preesha now.

Next morning, Preesha and VJ get ready for court. Rudra asks Sharda to feed sweet curt to Preesha and VJ as they need good luck as his lawyer said we will win for sure. Sharda feeds them sweet curd. Preesha gets worried. VJ tells Preesha they wll win for sure today. Sharda also boasts her morales. They both reach the court and notice Rudra and Khatri. Preesha asks VJ if there is any proof that she missed as Khatri looks confident. VJ says she need not worry as they will win for sure. Vasu drops GPS at court and asks him to return home soon. GPS informs Preesha that Vasu she is still angry on Preesha as she still thinks she Preesha killed Venky. Once VJ leaves, Vasu asks GPS if VJ doubted her. He says no as her acting was real. They both pray for Preesha’s innocence.

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Court hearing starts. VJ tells Judge since there is no proof present to prove Preesha murdered Venky, she requests judge to release Preesha. Khatri tells Judge that he has proof against Preesha. Yuvraj also attends the court hearing and thinks VJ played a good game. Preesha asks VJ what proof Khatri is talking about. Khatri shows the gun and informs him that this is the gun with which Venky was shot and it has Preesha’s fingerprints. VJ says it’s not true. Khatri tells says the gun has Preesha’s fingerprints and submits forensic report to the judge. Yuvraj wonders that how VJ found this gun. Preesha asks VJ to do something. VJ tongue lashes Preesha for lying and hiding the gun and apologies Rudra for not believing him. Preesha says its not true. VJ continues tongue lashing Preesha and tells Judge that she withdraw herself from Preesha’s case.

Precap: Judge announces Preesha as guilty in Venky’s murder. GPS says he wants to say something. Saransh says he wants to show something and gets the book in wich VJ hid the gun.

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