Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha’s Valentine’s Day Gift

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2022 Written Episode

Rudra tells Preesha that wrong is always wrong whoever does it, so she shouldn’t try to justify Bunt’s actions. She says she is not justifying and just wants to say. He asks what is the secret that Bunty was talking about. She says just that she is alive and hiding in Rothak, she is tired and wants to rest, so he can go. He says he will stay here as he doesn’t want to leave her alone as Bunty can attack her. She says she lived 5 years alone without him and can handle herself. He says it was her choice, she would have lived with him, now he cannot let her alone and she knows his adamancy.

Sharda serves food to Roohi and asks if she liked it. Roohi says its very tasty and asks her to teach it to her mamma. Vyjayanti/VJ rudely keeps juice glass for Roohi and walks away. Roohi asks why that aunty is angry on her. Sharda walks behind VJ and asks why she is misbehaving with Roohi. VJ asks why Preesha sent her here to get back in Rudra’s life. Sharda fails to calm her down.

Preesha notices Rudra resting on sofa and goes into flashback where she gets romantic with Rudra seeing him sleeping and him gifting her a gold chain with locket with her and Saransh’s photo in it as valentine’s day gift. She says they are husband and wife, so why didn’t he fix their photos. He says Saransh is their heartbeat, etc. Out of flashback, she says even now their heart beats together, but she cannot tell him about Roohi, so she is giving him valentine’s gift. Rudra wakes up in the morning and notices a locket with his and Roohi’s photo in it. He confronts her and says he gave her Saransh and her photo locket as Saransh is her son, but why did she gave him Roohi and his photo locket. She says because Roohi is his daughter, she means like his daughter. He wears it saying he considers Roohi as daughter. Inspector calls him and informs that they are still searching Bunty, he is spying outside Bunty’s house as Bunty may come to meet his wife. Rudra says he will come there and take Bubbles along as Bunty loves Bubbles and will surrender for sure.

Preesha and Rudra visit Bunty’s house with inspector. Inspector questions Bubbles if Bunty contacted her. She denies. Rudra asks Bubbles to accompany them. Bubbles asks if he is taking her to police station and pleads to forgive Bunty. Rudra insists and takes her along. Bunty notices that and gets angry that Rudra being his best friend didn’t forgive him and is taking his Bubbles away. In car, Bubbles’ condition worsens and she pleads him again not to send her and Bunty to jail. Preesha says Rudra just wants Bunty to accept his mistake and apologize him. Bubbles thank them and ask where are they taking her. Rudra says to hospital as its her surgery today.

Bunty reaches Roohi’s school and tries to take Roohi along to take revenge from Rudra. Teacher stops Rohi and sends her back to class. Bunty then kidnaps van driver, hides him in van’s luggage area, and disguises van driver to kidnap Roohi.Roohi and her friends get into van for a field trip. Bunty thinks Rudra took away his Bubbles away from him, so he will take Roohi away from him.

Precap: Police informs Rudra that Bunty was seen around Khurana school. Rudra informs Preesha who finds Roohi missing, reaches school van, and finds Bunty as driver who says he will take Roohi away from them as they took away Bubbles from him and cuts brake wire.

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