Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Searches For Nayan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

Samrat with Prem reaches JJ Goenka Hospital and asks a receptionist if the job interview is still going on. Receptionist says there is no interview happening at all. Sam says his wife Nayan got a call for a physiotherapist’s interview. Receptionst says their staff is full and they surely didn’t call for any interview, someone gave him wrong information. Sam asks Prem if he is sure that he heart JJ Goenka Hospital. Prem says he is sure and asks if something happened to Nayan maa, what will they do now. Sam says they should go to police station and file Nayan’s missing complaint. Goons stuff Nayan in a gunny bag. Nayan shouts what will they gain by killing her. Goon warns her to shut up or else he will kill her right away. He fills rice in the bag and piles it with rice bags saying nobody will know Nayan’s location now.

Samrat visits police station and files Nayan’s missing complaint. Inspector says he can’t officially file complaint before 24 hours. Sam says Nayan’s life is in danger and requests him to do something. Inspector says he can help him unofficially. Sam gives car’s number in wich Nayan left. Inspector asks constable to trace its location via CCTV footages. Mansi reveals Aaliya that she got Nayan kidnapped as Nayan found out that she is not pregnant and wanted to reveal it to Sam. She describes how she hired her goon to kindap Nayan and says now Nayan’s chapter is permanently closed. Aaliya praises her.

Inspector informs Sam that Nayan’s car is captured in a traffic signal camera and sends constable along. Nayan stacked in a bag hopes if she could inform Sam that she really likes his friendship. Constable takes Sam and Prem to a traffic signal where Nayan’s car was seen. Sam checks further and finds Nayan’s car with her bag inside and a broken phone nearby. He realizes that Nayan is kidnapped and gets worried for her. He drives his car further. Prem stops him seeing Nayan’s sandal and informs that Nayan was wearing this sandal today. Constable says its a good clue, they should drive further for more clues. Nayan finding difficult to breathe pleads goons to free her. Goons laugh on her. Sam finds Nayan’s another sandal. Prem says Nayan maa has left a clue for them like in movies. Sam says he is proud of his wife. He drives further.

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Mohit notices Ishani tensed and asks her the reason. Ishani says Nayan is missing. Mohit says maybe Nayan is with Sam and Prem and calls him. Sam informs him that Nayan is kidnapped and they are searching for her. Mohit and Ishani insist to reach him. Sam says they are half way and he will surely find Nayan. Mohit holds Ishani’s hands and comforts her. Aaliya gets jealous noticing that and humiliates her. Mohit asks what is her problem, she doesn’t have any right to judge Ishani without knowing a reason, Nayan is kidnapped and Ishani is tensed, Sam is searching for her. Aaliya gets tensed that Sam found out about Nayan’s kidnap, she needs to inform Mansi about it. Sam reaches a warehouse where Nayan is kept. Prem says Nayan maa is inside this warehouse for sure and insists to accompany Sam inside. Sam agrees. They peeps via wihndow and find goons inside.

Precap: Aaliya informs Mansi that Sam found out that Nayan is kidnapped. Mansi orders her goons to kill Nayan at any cost.
Sam fights with goons and frees Nayan. Nayan pushes him away and asks him to go from here, showing a bomb on her body.

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