Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu’s Aid For Vidyuth Backfires Horribly

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd June 2022 Written Episode

Armaan takes Preesha and Pihu to an icecream parlor. Rudra also reaches same parlor with Roohi. Armaan gets tensed seeing Rudra and thinks he needs to take Preesha from there before Rudra sees Preesha. He drops ice cream on Preesha and apologizes her. She says its okay and says he should get another icecream for her. He says she can take his icecream as they need to return soon as he has a client meeting. She rushes them into car and leaves. Preesha’s hand kerchief falls down. Roohi notices Preesha’s kerchief there. She calls Preesha weaving P on her kerchief and thinks mamma was definitely here. Rudra brings icecream and asks if she is searching someone. Roohi says she shouldn’t inform him about mamma’s kerchief and says she needs to return home as she is feeling sleepy. He says she can have icecream in the car and takes her back home.

Back home, Roohi cries looking at the kerchief. Saransh notices that and asks her why is she crying. Roohi reveals that she found mamma’s kerchief in te palor. He asks how can it be mamma’s. Roohi shows the weaved letters on her and Preesha’s kerchiefs and says mamma used to make them. He feels excited and says let us and go and check at the shops around the ice cream parlor. She says its late night, so they should go tomorrow. He asks if they should inform Rudra. She says they shouldn’t until they confirm it was mamma. He says they should go after school then.

At the college, toxic smoke emerges from chemistry lab after wrong chemical reaction and students come out coughing. Pihu notices students and asks them what happened. One of them explains her. Vidyuth walks out coughing next and collapses. Pihu gives him CPR. His classmates record the video. Vidyuth stands up smiling and reveals that he took revenge from her for messing up with him. Pihu says she was helping him. Raj confronts Vidyuth for his heinous act. Pihu asks Raj not to act as supporting her and support Vidyuth’s cheap act instead. Vidyuth says the whole world will see the cheap act and asks students if they recorded the video. They all nod yes. Pihu slaps him and asks students if they recorded even that and circulate both videos. She warns Vidyuth to complain against him to the principal. Raj pleads her not to complain against his brother and apologizes on Vidyuth’s behalf. Pihu says even he is under the scanner now and leaves.

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After school, Saransh asks driver to take them to ice cream parlor. Pihu prays god to give them some clue about mamma. They both reach parlor and showing Preesha’s photo questions its owner if he saw this woman. Owner says he gets many customers daily and doesn’t remember anyone’s face. Vidyuth asks his classmates to viral only video of Pihu kissing him. Raj says Pihu gave him CPR to save his life, so he shouldn’t defame her. Vidyuth warns him to stay out of it and let him handle it.

Rudra gets principal’s call who informs him about the incident and sends him video. Vidyuth returns home. Rudra scolds him for his heinous act and says the girl complained against him to the principal and principal called him to the office at 11 p.m. Vidyuth asks him to stay out of it and let him handle the issue. Rudra asks by humiliating the girl more, warns that he will not tolerate anyone disprecting a woman and he expects everyone to respect a woman. He insists Vidyuth to accompany him tomorrow and apologize the girl. Pihu informs Preesha about the incident and principal calling Vidyuth and his family at `11 p.m. tomorrow. Preesha says she will accompany her to see who the boy is.

Roohi and Saransh question other shops and noticing a CCTV camera requests its owner to show them the footage. Owner refuses and shoos them away. They both plead to help them find their mamma. He agrees and shows them footage.

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Precap: Saransh and Roohi get happy seeing Preesha in a CCTV footage. Preesha with Pihu reaches principal’s office and finds Rudra there.

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