Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun’s Misunderstanding

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2023 Written Episode

Arjun tells Kashvi that he didn’t find her at Kabir’s dhaba when he went there some time ago. Kashvi says Kabir had brought his car and left that congested lane in a hurry, then they went on a Haridwar tour; she tried to contact Arjun, but found his phone not reachable. Arjun says his phone is lost, he brought food for her and tried his best to contact her but couldn’t, he is coming to Kabir’s dhaba now to pikc her up. Kashvi and Kabir rush to dhaba from ashram. Arjun reaches dhaba and sees Kashvi and Kabir having food. He tells Kashvi that they need to pack their bags and reach bus station. Kashvi asks him to go as she wants to stay tonight at Kabir’s place. Arjun expresses his displeasure with Kashvi’s decision and asks what happened to her. Kashvi asks why he is getting hyper, she met Kabir after a long time and wants to refresh her childhood memories with him, she will stay back tonight and will catch a bus for home tomorrow. Arjun says they are married. Kashvi says he knows they married under what circumstances and are not a normal couple where husband is possessive about his wife, he should return home and not make an issue. Arjun says he is still her husband and can’t tell his parents that Kashvi wants to stay with her bestfriend tonight. Kashvi says there is no problem in it. He asks if she doesn’t find wrong in it and walks away.

Kashvi cries and thinks she knows he is hurt, but she had to do this to stay back and find out dadaji’s truth. Kabir asks her not to feel guilty as she did right. Kashvi says she can’t hurt Arjun. Kabir says he knows she loves Arjun. She asks how does he know. Kabir says he can see in her eyes and even Arjun loves her immensely. Kashvi says Arjun doesn’t love her. Kabir says he saw in Arjun’s eyes. Kashvi says he is right regarding her but not Arjun as Arjun loves Mahima instead. Kabir is shocked and asks what does she mean. Kashvi says Arjun loves mahima and she is Arjun’s bestfriend, Mahima eloped on their wedding day and hence to save family’s dignity, she had to marry Arjun. She seeks his help in finding out Dadaji’s truth. Kabir agrees and thinks he is sure that Arjun truly loves Kashvi and she will realize it soon.

Pradyuman returns to Mahima and informs her that they are marrying in hotel’s banquet hall in 2 days. Mahima happily hugs and thanks him and says he supported her when her own family disowned her, she truly loves him. Arjun returns home. Nitya asks him to join them for breakfast and asks where is Kashvi. Arjun says Kashvi stayed back in Haridwar for a day with her bestfriend Kabbu. Kashvi seeks permission from ashram manager to take dadaji to Faridabad. Manager denies. Kabir says Kashvi is baba’s family and is taking him to his family, even he will accompany Kashvi to Faridabad to take care of baba. Manager agrees with a condition that baba’s attendant will travel with them to take care of baba. Kashvi thanks him. Arjun invites Kashvi to his home to meet his family. Kashvi says she wants to live alone at this time and will meet his family while leaving Faridabad.

Arjun and Kashvi miss each other at night. Next morning, Kashvi and Kabir bring dadaji to a Faridabad hotel. They then go out for breakfast. Kashvi says this is Arjun’s favorite spot. Arjun passes by and notices Kashvi, thinks he is imagining her, then notices Kabir with her. He calls her and asks if she left Haridwar. Kashvi says she will reach Faridabad in an hour. Arjun asks if there is someone with her. She says no. He wishes her safe journey and disconnects call. Kashvi feels guilty for lying ot him. Arjun returns home and breaks down. Nitya notices him and asks reason.

Precap: Arjun tells Nitya that Kashvi is cheating on him with Kabir. Nitya hears Kashvi talking to Kabir and leaving home.
She follows her and is shocked to see her with dadaji.

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