Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Learns A Shocking Truth About Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Written Episode

Vanshika acts as injuring herself and seeks Preesha’s help to reach Dr. Awasthi’s Clinic. Preesha takes her the clinic. Rudra recalls informing Vanshika about finding Preesha and Armaan manipulating her against him and requests her to help him take Preesha to Dr. Awasthi’s Clinic for her checkup and find out what is wrong with her. Vanshika agrees. Out of flashback, he follows Preesha’s car.

Sharda’s brother gets angry on Vicky for getting into jail and orders him to stop going to college and accompany him back home. Vicky pleads him not to take him back and promises to not repeat his mistake. Sharda assures her brother and sends him away. Vicky thanks her. Raj thinks Vicky did wrong, but he deserves education though. He reaches college where Pihu tries to talk to him. He says he doesn’t want to befriend her as there is a big fight at Rudra’s house because of her and says it would be like he is betrayal Rudra’s family if he befriends her, so its better they both stay away.

Peesha drops Vanshika to dr. Awasthi’s clinic. Vanshika asks her to wait for her and goes in. Nurse injects a sedative to Preesha, and Preesha collapses. Armaan waits for Preesha and questions servant who informs that Preesha didn’t return from outside. He goes out and questions watchman who informs that Preesha took some injured girl to hospital. Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that Preesha will not wake up for 1 hour now. Rudra asks him to test Preesha well and find out what is wrong with her. Armaan finds out Preesha’s location via tracker in her mobile and heads towards Awasthi’s clinic to bring her back.

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Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that they will perform Preesha’s CT scan and then brain mapping to find out if she incurred a head injury or something else is wrong. Rudra asks if Preesha will remember everything after she wakes up. Dr. Awasthi says no and asks him to go out and wait till the tests are done. Rudra thinks these tests are necessary to bring her back to his and his children’s lives. Armaan calls Preesha to find why she is at Dr. Awasthi’s clinic. Nurse gives Preesha’s belongings to Vanshika. Armaan calls him. Rudra and children get tensed. Roohi asks not to pick the call. Rudra says Armaan will get suspicious if they don’t pick call and asks Vanshika to pick call and tell him that she and Preesha are in a coffee shop and Preesha has gone to washroom. Vashika does same. Armaan thinks who is this new friend in Delhi and getting suspicious thinks he will visit clinic and find out.

Raj sits with Vidyut in cafeteria. Vidyut vents out his anger on him and leaves. Pihu notices that and walks to Raj. She notcies salt bottle and bends it pick it. Raj also bends and their head bumps on each other. He asks her to stop following her and walks away. Armaan reaches clinic and questions receptionist. Rudra hides and thinks how did he come here and realizes Armaan has fixed a tracker in Preesha’s mobile. Nurse lies to Armaan that Preesha didn’t come there. Rudra asks Vanshika to take Preesha’s phone out and mislead him till Preesha’s tests are complete. Armaan notices mobile moving and follows its location. Vanshika walks out of clinic and misleads Armaan.

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Rudra asks Dr. Awasthi if Preesha’s tests are done and why she is behaving as if she suffered a memory loss and cannot identify her children. Dr. Awasthi informs that Preesha is administered high doses of antiseizure medicines daily which are very harmful and can erase her memory complely. Rudra asks why Preesha violently reacts seeing him and says she tortured him before. Dr. Awasthi says he couldn’t find the reason and needs Preesha in front of him and monitored for 24 hours, maybe she is provoked against him in an unconscious state. Rudra thinks Armaan has done something for sure.

Precap: Pihu tells Kanchan that if Rudra really loves Preesha, why would he torture her. Rudra tells children that he needs to find out why Preesha hates him and rents a house opposite to her house.

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