Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Devika Is Murdered?

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2021 Written Episode

Preesha walks to Arman. Arman asks if Anvi slept. She says and apologizes for whatever happened, she should have informed about her past and she is feeling guilty. He holds her hand, takes her outside door and says he will forgive her if she brings back his sister, she is here only for Anvi and will be only Anvi’s mother here, he cannot snatch a mother from a daughter, there is not even a friendship relationship between between, and shuts door on her face. Sharda and Sulochana eagerly waits for Rudra. Rudra returns home. Sharda tells him that he need not feel guilty as he didn’t do anything wrong. She asks why was he with Preesha for 2 days. He breaks down. Sulochana whatever they are asking is for his good. Sharda says he need not suffer as his mothers are with him. He says only wrong is happening in his life, earlier Preesha and then Saransh left him, then Preesha suddenly reappeared again, then he saw Mishka and describes the rest of the incident, and says he hoped that Saransh will return back but he didn’t.

Arman feels guilty that he couldn’t save Devika. Preesha feels guilty that Devika lost her life because of her hiding truth. Rudra cries looking at Devika and his pics and apologizes Devika thinking he wanted to cancel this wedding but not in this way. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. Next morning, Preesha serves breakfast to Arman and Chachaji, but they reject it. Inspector walks in. They asks if everything is alright. Inspector says he needs to inform them and asks to call Rudra and his family here. Chachaji asks what is the problem. Inspector says he will speak only in front of everyone and says he will go there if they don’t call Rudra’s family here. Arman calls Rudra. Rudra gets worried for Preesha. Arman says its not personal call and asks to come as inspector has come. Rudra informs his mothers and walks to Arman’s house. Inspector tells Arman that his sister’s forensic report has come and its revealed that Devika didn’t commit suicide but was murdered. Arman is shocked and asks what is he saying. Inspector says forensic team found an injury behind Devika’s neck and after investigation found out that Devika’s neck was broken by someone. Everyone’s face is focused in shock. Inspector says someone killed Devika by breaking her neck and then hanged her to divert attention. Chachaji blames Rudra. Sulochana yells if he is mad to blame Rudra and tells inspector that Rudra was always down and never went up since they brought baraat here. Sharda backs her. Sulochana yells that Chachaji’s family member must have killed Devika and he is blaming his sins on them. Chachaji reacts, and their argument starts. Inspector stops them and frees Rudra from all the charges and says someone present during the wedding must have murdered her. Sulochana yells that her son is innocent. Inspector says he is free from abetting to murder charges but not murder charges as they found a person’s skin fragments in Devika’s finger while trying to fight back, so they all should give their DNA sample to forensic team.

Vasu calls Preesha and gets tensed when she doesn’t pick call. GPS says Preesha must be tensed. Vasu says she is more tensed and calls Anvi who informs that police have come and she is worried. Vasu informs same to GPS and they head to Arman’s house. Forensic team takes everyone’s blood sample. Vasu and GPS reach there. Inspector asks who are they. Arman says they are Preesha’s parents. Inspector asks if they were present during wedding, even their DNA sample should be taken. Vasu asks why their sample. Arman says he will inform them later. Inspector asks him if he has CCTV cameras installed in his house, he needs footage and leaves with his team. Arman says he can’t believe his sister is murdered. Preesha tries to console him. He pushes her hand and goes to his room. She follows him and says she knows he is alone, but she is with him. He pushes her hand again. She says she is sharing the pain. He asks to stop her drama as she is responsible for all this, they are not husband and wife for this drama. She asks not to say that. He says if she had stopped Devika from getting emotional with Rudra and informed us beforehand, Devika should have been alive, so shouldn’t act as innocent. Rudra enters and shouts at Arman.

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Precap: Arman and Rudra fight. Preesha supports Rudra and asks Arman not to blame Rudra until forensic reports are out. Chachaji says if she is so worried about Rudra, she should leave their house. GPS says he will take Preesha if they have a problem. Anvi cries for Preesha. Inspector says Devika’s murderer is..

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