Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prem And Chintu’s Plan To Unite Nayantara And Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2023 Written Episode

Chintu tells Prem that he has an idea to get Nayantara and Samrat closer. Prem asks what is his idea. Chintu says his mother always says that when they lock 2 people in a room, they will be forced to speak. Prem asks how will they lock Nayan and Sam in a room. Sam over phone speaks to someone and says he is coming in 5 minutes. Chintu tells Prem that they can lock Sam and Nayan in a car and force them to speak. Prem says he will get Nayan in a front seat. He walks to Nayan and asks her to drop him to school for extra class. Nayan says she didn’t get any information about it. He holds her hand and takes her out. Chintu asks where is he going. Prem says he is going to school and is getting late. Nayan says she will drop him by auto. Chintu says she can take lift from Samrat.

Samrat gets into his car. Prem forces Nayan to sit in it. Sam asks what is she doing. Nayan says Prem is getting late for extra class. Sam says his car is not a taxi and she can take an auto. Nayan and Sam’s argument starts. Prem asks Chintu how will htye lock them in now without car keys. Chintu silently steals car keys while Sam and Nayan are busy arguing and lock car doors. Sam and Nayan to open it. Prem and Chintu say they can continue fighting inside the car as they are locked in purposefully. Sam shouts to return keys. They refuse. Ishani dances practices with team. Raghav praises her dance moves and asks choreographer to focus on Ishani more. Mansi gets jealous sensing Raghav’s intentions and asks why did he make a new comer as lead dancer, what is going in this mind. Raghav says he hadn’t found Ishani before, she is a good dancer and he is trying to better the show. Mansi says I hope so.

Nayan criticizes Sam’s car. Sam says it has a special type of child lock which doesn’t open easily. Nayan says she will break the glass and tries, but fails. Sam says its a shock-proof glass. Nayan says she is shock inside. Sam says even he is here. Prem and Chintu laugh and think they will start talking now. Ishani hears them and asks what are they up to. Prem says they locked Sam and Nayan in a car to let them speak and become friends. Ishani says they did right as Sam and Nayan should behave normal if they have to stay together for 6 months. Nayan smells gas inside car and feels uneasy. Sam asks why is she acting. Nayan says she has problem with gas smell and is feeling suffocated.

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Driver informs Ishani if she saw Sam’s car keys as AC gas is leaking and needs repair, and if someone gets stuck inside with gas leakage, they may die. Ishani gets worried and asks Chintu and Prem to get car keys soon. Prem and Chintu find car keys missing from drawer. Aaliya watches from behind and recalls stealing keys thinking she will not let Sam and Nayan unite until she is in this house; Sam will get angry and will blast his anger on rat and brat/Prem and Chintu and Nayan now. Prem and Chintu rush back towards car and bumps on Malati. Malati asks what happened. They inform that Nayan and Sam are locked in a car, they just wanted to get them closer. Ishani calls mechanics and find them busy. Malati asks how will they get Sam and Nayan out. Aaliya thinks they can’t do anything and will suffer like her mom Revati is suffering.

Sam fumes on kids and thinks who will get them out now. He sees Nayan’s condition worsening and tries to calm her down. Mohit returns home. Ishani informs him what happened. Mohit says he will bring cutter machine from garage and cut the door. Sam gives plastic bag to Nayan to breathe in it. Mohit tries to cut the door with cutter machine and it fails. Sam asks him to do something as even he is feeling suffocated. Mohit and Ishani rush towards a nearby factory to get a glass cutter. Sam continues to encourage Nayan to have some patience till Mohit returns.

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Precap: Mohit cuts car glass and gets Nayan and Sam out. Nayan loses consciousness. Ishani says her breathing is slowing down.
Sam says there is only one way now.

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