Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu And Armaan Join Hands Against Rudra

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2022 Written Episode

Rudra reveals Saransh and Roohi that he didn’t marry Pihu. He recalls how he failed to sign the marriage register at court and refusing to marry Pihu. He tells Pihu that he doesn’t love her and hence can’t marry her, he still loves Preesha and can’t give her place to Pihu in his heart. Pihu says Preesha has already left him and married Armaan for his money, she used power of attorney and transferred Armaan’s whole wealth in her name and just values money and fame. Rudra says he feels whatever they are seeing and reality is different; he can’t think of anyone else than Preesha; Preesha is with Armaan for a reason; Preesha doesn’t value money as she had lived in poverty in the past.

Pihu asks why did he betray her after promising to marry her and give name to Vidyuth’s baby. She emotionally blackmails him and says he should have let her die instead of giving her a false hope. Rudra agrees to take care of Pihu and her baby and act as married to her with only they both, Sharda, and Digvijay knowing about this secret. Pihu agrees. Out of flashback, Rudra tells his children how he is faking as married to Pihu. Roohi hugs him and thanks him for loving only Preesha and not marrying Pihu. Rudra says he loves even them and as a family, they have to protect Preesha now. Saransh asks how. Rudra says they should retrieve video of Armaan inappropriately touching Preesha and expose Armaan’s truth in front of Preesha. Kids agree.

They visit a technician who retrieves video after a much try. Rudra gets angry seeing Armaan’s heinous act and determines to punish him. Back home, Roohi says they will show this video to Preesha who will kick Armaan out of the house after knowing his truth. Saransh says they will live as happy family ever after. Roohi runs towards Preesha’s room when Pihu clashes with her and drops tea on phone. Pihu apologizes Roohi and asks if she is fine. Roohi gets angry on Pihu for breaking her mobile purposefully and says she doesn’t know what is in this phone. Saransh stops her and says maybe Pihu collided with her by mistake. Pihu asks what is in this mobile. Saransh says its just a game, he will redownload it for her. Rudra says he will get another mobile for Roohi and takes kids away.

Pihu signals thumbs up to Armaan who comes out of his hideout and thanks her for saving him. Pihu says their mission is same and they should support each other. Armaan recalls searching for Roohi to erase the video from Roohi’s mobile. He starts acting as child seeing Pihu. Pihu asks him to stop acting as his truth is out. Armaan agrees and says he is doing to be near Preesha. They both plan not letting Preesha and Rudra unite. Pihu praises Armaan’s mindblowing plan and promises to keep it a secret. Armaan recalls hearing Rudra and his children’s conversation and sending Pihu to spoil the mobile.

Precap: Roohi asks Saransh the only video got destroyed, how will they expose Armaan. Rudra says he has a plan and visits Roohi’s friend’s birthday party with whole family. A clown fixes bomb over Armaan and says it will blast now.

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