Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st March 2023 Written Episode

Samrat returns to his room and notices Nayantara making Prem asleep. He hits his foot to a table and writhes in pain. Nayan asks him to stop shouting as Prem is sleeping. Sam says he is hurt. Nayan asks him to go and sleep silently. Sam sleeps and holds her hand. Nayan pulls her hand and scolds him to go and sleep with Mansi holding her hand. Their argument starts. She says they are are getting divorced in 4 months, so he should go and sleep with Mansi from now itself. Sam says he will sleep with his present wife and son. She asks him to remember that she is his wife for 4 months. Sam sleeps thinking he has to be rude to her as a part of his plan.

Once Samrat is asleep, Nayan leaves with Ishani to Mansi’s doctor’s clinic to find a clue against Mansi. Ishani gets watchman busy with her talks and diverts his attention tolet Nayan enter the clinic silently. Nayan finds doctor’s room door locked and uses fake keys to open it. She then searches for Mansi’s reports and finds them. She checks Mansi’s x-rays. Mansi enters Sam’s room and thinks Nayan didn’t even wait for a day to find out truth, she will get a 1000-volt shock there. She recalls her doctor informing her about Nayan’s visit and insisting to check her report to check if she is pregnant or not. Mansi says Nayan will return to find out truth and asks doctor to change her report with a 3-month pregnant lady’s report so that Nayans should think that she was pregnant when the accident happened. Doctor agrees. Mansi thinks its not easy to defeat her as she already changed the reports. Nayan drives back home feeling sad for Mansi.

Next day, Nayan waits at Prem’s school to pick him up when a speeding car heading towards a boy and rescues him on time. Boy’s mother rushes to him worried and thanks Nayan for saving her son. Mansi notices she is Mansi’s doctor. Nayan says god introduced them again with a cause. Doctor says its a coincidence. Nayan says its not and describes how Mansi ill-treats her son Prem and how she is taking care of Prem till her divorce with Sam and requests her to tell her truth if she doesn’t want to see Prem tortured by Mansi again. Doctor reveals that Mansi was never pregnant at at all and asked her to replace her medical report with a pregnant lady’s report. Nayan requests her to inform same to Sam. Doctor refuses saying Sam will prosecute her for preparing a false report and supporting Mansi. Nayan requests her to help for her son’s sake. Doctor agrees. Nayan hugs and thanks her.

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Mansi notices them sitting in a car. She calls doctor and asks where is she. Doctor nervously says she is in her clinic. Mansi says she wanted to meet her and asks if Nayan met her asking to see the report. Doctor denies. Mansi thinks Nayan will to go to Sam from here, she will not let her reach Sam at all.

Precap: Mansi’s goons kidnap Nayan.
Sam gets worried when she doesn’t return home after a long time.

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