Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aliya Attempts Suicide

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2023 Written Episode

Nayan shouts in fear seeing a speeding jeep heading towards her. Samrat gets out of it and walks to her. Nayan says his car would have crushed her. Samrat says don’t worry that day will come soon. Nayan asks how is he out of jail. Samrat says police couldn’t hold him long as they didn’t have solid evidence against him, soon he will be completely out of this false case. Nayan says she will not spare him for harming Ishani. Sam suggests him to take care of her family and asks how is Chintu. She shouts if he will harm her family now, she is not afraid of him. Sam says she complained against him without thinking much, now its her turn to suffer. He leaves in his jeep. She fears that he may harm Chintu and rushes to Chintu’s school where watchman informs that Chintu with other students has gone on a picnic.

Nayantara then rushes to picnic spot and questions Chintu’s friends who inform that must be sitting somewhere and studying. She further questions a teacher who informs that Chintu is playing kite near cliff. Nayan scolds teacher for letting Chintu near cliff end and fears if Samrat find out, he will reach here and harm Chintu. Teacher assures that Chintu is fine. She walks towards Chintu and notices him running with a kite and slipping down. She runs to save him and herself slips and falls down and hangs from a cliff. Teacher calls her and informs that Chintu had gone to washrom and is back now. Nayan informs that she saw a boy slipping from cliff and trying to save him slipped and is hanging from a stone. Teacher asks her to stay right there till rescue team comes.

Nayan sips further and finds that boy stuck calling for her mom. She assures boy that she will rescue him. Boy hugs her and collapses. Rescue team reaches her and rescues them out. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They shift boy to hospital where a teacher thanks Nayan for saving the boy and says she already informed boy’s mother. Nayan feels emotionally connected to the boy. Boy wakes up and says he will pray god that his parents love him a lot and his father reunite with his mom. Nayan says so what if he doesn’t have his dad, his mamma is very strong and will take care of him. She asks what would he like to have. He says nobody asked him that till now. She asks if he wants to have burger and thinks its strange that this cute boy’s mother doesn’t love him.

Sam finds Nayan’s clothes in his cupboard and shouts at his servant for letting it in his cupboard. Revati rushes in and asks why is he shouting. He shows Nayan’s dress. Revati calms him down and says she will check everything and make sure Nayan’s stuff is not left in his room. He thanks her and goes to check Aliya and is shocked to see Aaliya hanging to a ceiling. He rushes Aaliya to hospital. Nayan notices him and asks what happened to Aaliya. Sam says Aaliya attempted suicide and warns her that if something happens to Aaliya, he will not spare Ishani and Chintu.

Precap: Police arrests Mohit and Ishani for abetting Aaliya to commit suicide.

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