Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Gets Revati Arrested

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2023 Written Episode

Malati is shifted to hospital after her stair case accident. Doctor treats her and informs family that she needs more blood immediately. Samrat asks Mohit to arrange blood for Malati. Doctor says they don’t have so much time and one of them should donate blood. Mohit says let us get us blood group checked. Sam says even he will get his blood group checked as sometimes family members’ blood doesn’t match. After blood test, Nayan’s blood matches. She asks Sam to hold her mobile and purse and donates blood. Doctor informs family that with timely availability of blood, they could save Malati. Nayan asks Mohit and Ishani to go home and let her be with Maalti. They agree and leave.

Revati thinks she needs to end Malati before she wakes up and exposes her. She disguises herself as a nurse and enters Malati’s room to kill her. She strangulates her with a pillow when lights switch on and Sam with Nayan enter. Sam removes her mask and says he was also shocked to hear her truth. He asks if she thought she will escape after doing sins and reveals that the one she was trying to kill is not Malati and he had laid a trap to expose her. Nayan brings Malati on wheelchair. Revati tries to explain. Sam asks her to stop lying as he saw her and goon’s confession video. He recalls watching the video on Nayan’s video and confirm’s authenticity in Malati’s mobile. Malati informs him that she sent video to Nayan before falling from stairts.

Sam says he shifted Malati as he knew Revati would try to kill Malati. He asks how can she try to kill Mohit, Ishani, and now Malati and says even they conspired against Nayan’s family, that doesn’t mean she should kill them, they are not criminals to kill someone, etc. Revati warns him to stop his lecture and says her son is going against his mom who brought him up for a girl who entered his life a few days ago. Sam says whatever it is, her act’t can’t be justified, etc. Revati asks what will he do with her now. He says he doesn’t have to, but there is no other choice. He calls police to arrest her. Revati says he can’t do this to her mom, sprays fire extinguisher in room and escapes. Police goes in search of her.

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Back home, police visits Sam and informs him that they couldn’t catch Revati yet. Sam asks them to keep searching for her. Nayan thanks Samrat for going against his mother and supporting her. Sam says he didn’t do this for her, a son never wants his mother to be a criminal, he learnt truth because of her and it would have been better if he had not learnt truth. Revati’s family walks in. Sam says he called them here as their’s lives are in danger because of Revati and he can’t take a chance because of her. Chintu tells Prem that they can stay together and play together. Prem says Sam hasn’t accepted him as his son yet. Chintu asks what he wants. Prem says he wants to unite Sam and Nayan forever. Chintu say they will plan something. Revati meets Aaliya and asks her to take revenge from Nayan and destroy her. Aaliya assures that she will not let Nayan and Sam unite and will destroy Nayan’s life.

Precap: Chintu and Prem lock Nayan and Sam in a car. Driver informs Ishani that Sam’s car has AC problem and needs repair.
Nayan and Sam feel shortness of breath due to lack of oxygen.

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