Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s Date With Roohi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2022 Written Episode

Vasu gets impressed by Roohi and says she wants to meet her mamma. Preesha returns. Roohi says she is her mamma. Vasu sees her and remembers Venky’s murder incident. Roohi says she is world’s best mamma. Preesha asks Roohi to return back to class. Roohi hugs Vasu and GPS and walks away. Vasu tries to leave. Preesha stops her. Rudra gets angry remembering Preesha and Yuvraj’s close proximity. Saransh walks in and says he has planned a date for him. Rudra gets angry on him. Saransh sadly says he ransacked him for 5 years and now when he is taking care of him again and keeping him happy, he is making him sad again. Rudra cheers him up and agrees to go on a date. Saransh thinks he doesn’t know what he has planned for him.

Preesha emotionally calls Amma to Vasu. Vasu warns her not to call her amma and says she was hiding for 5 years and leading a peaceful life leaving me in pain and asks why did she return to this city. Preesha says even she is a mother and has responsibility towards her daughter, Roohi is her daughter and Vasu’s granddaughter. Vasu says Roohi is a good kid and Preesha gave good upbringing to her, but she cannot forget Preesha killing Venky; she cannot tolerate Preesha’s presence and asks her to leave the city and never show her face again. She walks away with GPS while Preesha stands weeping.

Saransh takes Rudra blindfolded to a Khurana School’s decorated room and taking teacher’s permission takes Roohi there says its her date today. Rudra gets happy hearing Roohi’s voice, happily hugs her and asks if she is his date. He thanks Saransh for arranging a best date. Saransh says lets make it more special with Roohi’s favorite movie and snacks. They watch a movie. Rudra gets a call. Saransh asks him to enjoy the movie and picks call. Bunty speaks and asks if he can speak to Saransh. Saransh says he is busy with Roohi. Bunty thanks god that Rudra’s attention is towards Roohi now and hopes he forgets scholarship issue.

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PT teacher brings injured kid to Preesha’s clinic. Preesha treats the kid and calls his father to find out when he is coming to pick the kid. Father says his bike broke down and he may take 15-20 minutes more, his house is 5 minute away from school though. Preesha decides to drop the kid home. Rudra gets emotional and weeps seeing movie. Roohi comforts him and says she will go now as mamma must be waiting for her. Rudra says he will drop her and asks if her mamma didn’t go on a date with Raj uncle. Roohi says no as she hates Raj uncle. Rudra thinks he needs to find out what is happening.

Preesha drops kid home when she notices her bestfriend and Bunty’s wife there and happily hugs her. Bubbles gets tensed seeing her and tries to avoid her. Preesha notices her ill and forcefully drops her home confused thinking why she is reacting so weird. Bubbles coughs and goes to kitchen to have water. A courier boy delivers a courier and asks her to sign a document. Preesha searches pen in drawer and finds scholarship documents there. She notices Rudra’s fake signatures and thinks if Bunty is behind scholarship scam. Bubbles returns, and Preesha leaves.

Precap: Preesha informs Rudra that Bunty is behind scholarship scam.

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