Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Saaransh refuses to accept Mahima as his mother

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st December 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saaransh refusing to accept Mahima as Rudra’s wife and locks himself in the room. Preesha gets worried and tells Rudra that she has a feeling that Saaransh is unwell. rudra says you are thinking right. Even I have the same feeling. We shall start our plan. Mahima hears him.

Few hours before: Preesha and Yuvraj are in the car. He says everything happened as per the plan. She says I am worried about Appa, as we are going to stay as husband and wife. She says Amma will bear, but Appa can’t so she has decided to tell truth to him. Yuvraj says if Appa tells Amma seeing her worried. if Amma tells everything to Mahima, then what will happen. If she understands that this is your plan to trap Mahima then what if she eloped with Saaransh. He says if you wants to tell Rudra then he will also agree for this plan. Preesha gets convinced and says I will tell Appa later.

Saaransh asks Rudra, where is his Mamma? Rudra says Mamma is fine. He asks where is she? He asks him to say. He says he is angry with them for not celebrating in the party and leaving in the middle. He says he is upset with his Mamma. Mahima comes and says Saaransh. Saaransh says anniversary is of Mamma so why did you wear this garland? Ahana tells that Rudra’s real wife is Mahima and not Preesha. Saaransh says you are a bad aunty and says rightly. She asks him to ask Mahima. Mahima says Saaransh. Mahima says she is not lying, I am Rudra’s real wife, we are married now. Saaransh refuses to believe it. He says I called you Mamma as my Mamma asked, and played games with you, but will never accept you as Rudra’s wife, only my Mamma is his wife. He says I will never accept you and runs to room, locks it. Rudra blames Ahana and says you had told him two times, that he has two mothers and says you are really heartless. She says she was just telling the truth. She turns to Papa ji and asks why did he call me heartless? She says until when we will hide from Saaransh. Papa ji says he is a boy, how can you be so rude with him and tell him everything. Preesha’s mother refuses to accept it.

Saaransh cries in his room. Rudra asks him to open the door. Saaransh asks him to call his Mamma. Mahima thinks I have to close this boy’s mouth, my life is going to be set and he is spoiling it all. She acts and asks him to talk to her. Saaransh refuses to accept her and asks Rudra to call his Mamma. Rudra says I will call your Mamma, but come out. Everyone asks him to come out.

Yuvraj and Preesha come to GPS’s house. GPS says Mahima told me that you loves Yuvraj and that’s why married him. He says I am your father and can’t believe on this. He says he is the same man who killed Rajeev and accused you for his mother, you have reached the jail because of him. Yuvraj says you just spit fire. He says Rajeev’s death is just an accident. GPS says you had just loved Rudra and not anyone else. Rudra asks him to come out. Ahana asks Rudra to let him be locked in the room and get hungry. Rudra is shocked and tells that he is happy that Rajeev and you have no children, seeing your this avatar. GPS asks Preesha about her decision to marry Yuvraj. Yuvraj says he loves her since long time, they shall be happy as they are happy and asks him to accept. GPS refuses. Yuvraj blackmails him and says we have to stay on the street. GPS says my daughter has bear enough because of you and I will not let her suffer more. He says he will never believe that she married him and there must be surely a reason behind it. Yuvraj says atleast you accepted it. Ahana says rudra. Rudra says you have no motherly love in you. She asks how dare you? He asks how dare you and asks her not to teach him how to behave with his son. Mahima and Rudra asks him to open the door. Rudra says I have to call Preesha here. Mahima says you will call her, who has done bad with you. Rudra says yes, but I can’t let anything bad happen with my son. he says you have won him in court, but win his heart here. He says I don’t want that betrayal woman to come out, but I have to call her here.

Preesha is worried for Saaransh. Yuvraj says Mahima will handle him. Preesha says he is my son and must be missing and calling me. She gets Rudra’s call. Preesha picks his call and says I have a feeling that Saaransh is crying. Rudra says Saaransh is behaving like you thought and asks her to come and handle her son. He says I am feeling alone with you. He sees Mahima coming there and asks her to handle Saaransh and leave from there. he says I don’t want to see your face. Mahima thinks Rudra, Saaransh and their money are just hers.

Precap: Preesha calls Rudra to her home. Mahima takes Saaransh to Preesha’s house and rings the door bell. Rudra and Preesha are dancing and looks on.

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