Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani Breaks Up With Mohit

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th March 2023 Written Episode

Samrat asks Nayan if she told Mansi that she has Prem’s custody and Mansi should stay away from Prem. He says she forgot that Mansi is Prem’s biological mother. Nayan reveals that Mansi was trying to hit Prem with an iron rod. Sam is shocked. Prem says mummy locked him in a dark room and was going to beat him. Nayan says hew as boasting about his feelings for Mansi, she is happy for them, but first he and Mansi should learn to behave with a child. Sam confronts Mansi. Mansi agrees that she had locked Prem in a room and was acting as hitting him to teach him discipline, but Nayan interfered. She warns Nayan not to cross her limits. Nayan tells Sam that she knows what he is thinking, but she will not let anything happen to Prem until she is in this house.

Sam informs Mohit what Mansi did with Prem and gets angry. Mohit says what is happening with him, he was showing his feelings for Nayan before and now his care for Prem. Sam says he wants to find some evidence against Mansi and kick her out of the house. Mohit says they want to find solid evidence against Mansi to kick her out of this house. After some time, during breakfast, Aaliya taunts Ishani that Mohit doesn’t want to marry her and doesn’t love her. Ishani says she is jealous of their relationship. Aliya says why should she be jealous of an already broken relationship and reveals that Mohit is upset with Ishani spending night with Raghav and is hesitant to marry her. Ishani questions Mohit who accepts it and says he can’t forget that event. Ishani says Raghav had doped her and tricked her to sleep with him. Mohit says they were married and didn’t spend a night with her, but she spent a night with Raghav. Ishani feels more disheartened and breaks up her engagement with her. Aaliya feels happy seeing her plan succeeding.

Laundry woman shows a stained bedsheet to Nayan and says these are blood stains which are not fading even after many washes. Nayan asks its from whose room. Laundry woman says its from Mansi’s bedroom which she gave for washing 2 weeks ago. Nayan realizes that Mansi wasn’t pregnant and is just acting. She recalls Mansi refusing to visit a hospital after falling from stairs and insisting to take her to her doctor. She visits Mansi’s doctor and requests to show her Mansi’s medical report. Doctor refuses and asks her to bring Mansi’s permission for that. Nayan returns home and informs Ishani about Mansi’s fake pregnant. Ishani is shocked to hear that. Nayan says she needs to get Mansi’s medical report to expose her truth.

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Precap: Nayan finds Mansi’s medical file. Mansi thinks she will not let Nayan expose the truth. Her goon kidnaps Nayan.
Sam gets worried for Nayan when she doesn’t return home.

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