Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh and Prisha get locked

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudraksh thanking Ahana for giving him a good chance to charm Prisha, so that she tells me about Surya and Kaveri. The girls say we have done the work. Ahana asks Prisha to make the list of books to digitize it, if the work looks much, then Saransh will have to leave the school. Prisha says no, I will do it. Rudraksh asks the girls to lock the door. He goes to Prisha and asks for help. He says Ahana is my Bhabhi. She says library is big, I have much work, just go. He says I want to help you. He flirts. She says fine, I will go and do this work later. She finds the door locked. She asks how id this door get locked. She asks him to make a call. He says there is no network. He thinks its right time to impress her, but how, my charm isn’t working on her. He thinks of his signature step. He dances. She asks what’s this. He says its my signature step, people like it a lot, the video went viral. She laughs and jokes on his dance. Yeh hai chahatein…plays….

Manager says someone has come to meet you. Rajeev says send him. Yuvraj greets and says I was thinking to settle the matter out of court. Rajeev says don’t worry, Rudraksh didn’t do anything wrong. Yuvraj threatens him. Rajeev gets angry on him. Yuvraj sees the pic and thinks who was she, I have seen her, but where. Rajeev hides the pic. Prisha shouts for help in darkness. Rudraksh thinks to charm her and know about her crime partner. He says you don’t need to be scared, I m there for you.

He flirts and gets close to her. She asks him to stay away. He gets the shirt from her purse. He says you don’t think I will force you, that’s not my class, you aren’t of my level, anyone can come to save you. He calls Tia and says open the lock. She says you locked the door, your phone… He says its on. He opens the door. The reporters ask him about the girl. Prisha hides her face and leaves. Rajeev comes to Rudraksh and wakes her up. He shows the news. He asks what do you want to say now. Rudraksh says they want to make unnecessary news, I didn’t go for this. Rajeev says don’t get into any trouble at least till tomorrow. Prisha gets Saransh to his school. Saransh goes inside with his friend. Prisha hears the ladies talking about Rudraksh and the girl who was with him in the library. Prisha says I understand why he did this, he locked me inside, so that he gets publicity, Yuvraj would be at home, I will meet him and go to hospital.

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The man says this news is getting publicity for Rudraksh. Balraj says its good. Ahana comes and says can I be honest, any girl can claim that she is pregnant with Rudraksh’s child, I have a solution, get Rudra married, change his image, I have best marriage proposal, my sister Nishika handled the big business alone, just imagine, they will get married and businesses will merge, and your empire will go to new heights. Rajeev comes and says this is not a solution, Rudra and Nishika won’t agree for loveless marriage, I will handle the news. Balraj says let it go on for good. Ahana says so sorry, you should handle this.

Prisha comes to meet Yuvraj. He asks did you see that girl in the news, don’t know what did Rudraksh do that she didn’t show her face. Prisha says it was me, I don’t want any misunderstanding, Rudraksh did this for publicity, he got library locked. He asks didn’t he trouble you. She says he troubled me a lot, I was guilty and wanted to tell you. He says I love you, I trust you, you will get Rudraksh punished. She hugs him and says I promise I will get him punished. He says you are so good, I feel lucky. Rudraksh comes to his room and talks to his mom. She says I have gone to meet Prisha. She tells everything. She says I couldn’t solve your problem, when I married your dad, you were too young, I thought to give you much love, I couldn’t raise voice against your dad. She cries.

Rudraksh hugs her. He says when dad used to beat us, who loved us, you united the family, he is Raavan. She says no, its not like that. He says you are the best, now feed me love, I m very hungry. She feeds him. He rests in her lap. She says you will win the case. Its morning, Rudraksh comes to the court. Reporters ask him about the library girl. Rudraksh says I have many fans, that girl was lucky to spend time with me, I m sure she can’t forget this meet. He sees Prisha.

Prisha insults Rudraksh in the court. She taunts Balraj also. Rudraksh lifts Prisha in arms and asks her to say sorry. She refuses.

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