Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani Blames Samrat For Her Condition

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th January 2023 Written Episode

Mohit asks doctor about Ishani’s condition. Doctor says here condition is critical, they have done their best medically and only prayes can help now. Nayan prays god that she did so much for Ishani and prays god to get her sister well soon. Sam hears that and asks if Ishani is her sister. Nayan says yes. Sam asks why she lied that Ishani is her friend. Nayan says her mother asked her to say so as she was not getting alliances due to her color. Sam says she is also hypocrytic who was criticizing him when he tried to get his sister married to Mohit while she herself lied and got her sister married to Mohit; he will not forgive her for this. Nayan says who is he to forgive her, they are not related and his opinion doesn’t matter to her.

Malati calls Nayan and asks if Ishani is fine. Nayan says Ishani is not fine and asks her to reach hospital soon. She thinks once Ishani gets well, she will get Sam punished as she knows he is behind Ishani’s condition. Sam informs Revati about Ishani’s condition. Malati reaches hospital. Nayan informs her whole incident happened. Revati reaches hospital next. Sam asks why did she come here. Revati says she came to protect him from Nayan as she fears Nayan will frame him even after his out of the box help. Malati cries that Sam trapped Nayan instead and now her daughter Ishani is fighting for her life. Revati is shocked and asks if Ishani is her daughter, why did she lie till now. Sam says Malati is right. Revati says Nayan acts goot and blames others instead, she is a big hypocrytic, etc.

Doctor informs that Ishani regained consciousness. They all rush to Ishani. Ishani describes how she was kidnapped and physically tortured by a man. Nayan asks if she remembers who he was. Ishani says its Samrat as she saw his shoes and he is wearing same shoes even now. Samrat asks if she has gone mad, he would never physically abuse a woman. Nayan says he can as he many times tried to hit her. Revati warns them to stop accusing Samrat and asks Nayan if she saw Samrat’s face, anyone can have similar shoes. She says lower middle class girls like them try to misuse rich boys, etc. She recalls Samrat discussing with her how good Nayan is and is growing fodness for Nayan; she gets concerned that she is losing her grip on Sam, calls her goon and orders him to kidnap and torture Ishani wearing Samrat’s shoes and throw her near Samrat’s car to frame Samrat in her physical harassment case.

Nayan threatens to punish Samrat at any cost. Revati says now truth came out of her mouth, they played this drama for money and asks how much money she wants. She accuses Malati of giving wrong bringing to her daughter and teaching them how to trap rich boys for money. Nayan warns her to mind her language and accuses her of giving wrong upbring to spoilt brat Aliya and alcoholic Samrat. Samrat warns her to behave with his mother. Nayan says his mother should behave with her mother and challenges to get him behind bars. Revati thinks she wanted

Precap: Revati asks Sam to stop thinking much about Nayan and informs that she organized a concert for him tomorrow. Mohit reads concert news in news paper. Nayan thinks she will punish Samrat in his own concert.

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