Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj and Rudra’s fight

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra attending a guest. Ahana and Mishka tell Gopal and Vasu about Yuvraj and Prisha. Ahana taunts Prisha. Sharda stops Ahana. Vasu scolds Ahana. Gopal says we will go and see there. Ahana says we will go and catch Yuvraj and Prisha in compromising position, we will throw them out. Yuvraj comes to Prisha’s room and locks the door. She asks how dare you follow me here, why did you lock the door.

He says I just want to talk, I will go, I promise, once the confusion gets cleared, why do you think I m your enemy. She says I don’t know what you want. He says I love you. She says I m married, don’t you understand. He says you came here for Saransh’s sake, I told you to stay here. She says Rudra and I told you not to come close to me. He argues. She asks him to leave. Rudra says don’t know where did they go. He finds his room door locked. He knocks the door. Yuvraj stops Prisha and says you can’t open the door, until our talk ends. Everyone comes there. Rudra says they are inside, the door is locked. Ahana insults Prisha. Mishka says imagine, what’s happening inside. Ahana says Rudra also knows it.

Vasu asks them to shut up. Rudra asks Prisha to open the door. He knocks. Bunty comes and hears Ahana insulting Prisha and her parents. She says Rudra forgets all of us for Saransh, today Prisha forgot Rudra. Gopal asks what happened, why aren’t you opening the door. Rudra gets angry. Ahana says now Prisha won’t get saved. Rudra says I will break the door. Prisha says leave me. Yuvraj says no. Rudra and Bunty break the door. Everyone gets in. Yuvraj quickly hugs Prisha and says I love you Prisha.

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Prisha sees everyone. She gets shocked. She pushes Yuvraj. Yuvraj says sorry Prisha. Prisha says he was forcibly hugging me. He says what are you saying, we shouldn’t get scared of them. Rudra stops him. Yuvraj says don’t get into our matter. Rudra beats him up. He says I will kill you. Everyone stops Rudra. Prisha says we can’t spoil everything because of him, leave him. Ahana says thank God you stopped him Prisha. Mishka says its happening because of Prisha. Ahana asks Prisha what was she doing that she didn’t open the door. Rudra scolds Ahana. He says you were saying wrong about her, don’t you know her. Ahana says you should question her. Yuvraj looks on. Rudra says I don’t have to question her, I trust her. Prisha cries. Rudra says if you don’t trust her, then its your problem, ask Yuvraj, he would have locked the door and not let her open the door, look at the marks on her hands, you should support Prisha, she is my wife, she respects you, as you are my Bhabhi, Yuvraj is no one, you are family, why are you doing this. Ahana asks are you mad. He says enough now, don’t say anything wrong about her, I won’t be quiet, you can’t tolerate my answer. Ahana says don’t call me Bhabs from now. Everyone goes. Prisha hugs Rudra and cries.

Ahana says I will throw Prisha out, no one can stop me. Mishka says yes, Yuvraj is with Prisha since years. Ahana thinks yes, he is her childhood friend, he would be knowing who is Saransh’s real mum, I will find out the truth. Prisha does the aid to Rudra and thanks for trusting him. Rudra says I would have not left him alive, are you hurt. He cares for her. He thinks to tell her that he loves her. He says Prisha, I…. Yuvraj washes his face. He says I will kill Rudra. Rahul comes and says you came here to find something against Rudra, not to get beaten up. Yuvraj says Rudra is the villian, he is snatching Prisha. Rahul says you won’t do anything now, come with me. Yuvraj says you go, I will go by my car. Rahul goes. Yuvraj says Rudra left me alive on Prisha’s saying, but I will not do this mistake, I will kill Rudra.

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Yuvraj spikes Rudra’s drink. Rudra drinks it. He falls drunk in his room. Yuvraj goes and stabs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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