Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Vents Out His Frustration On Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2022 Written Episode

Saaransh overhears Vyjayanti/VJ and Yuvraj’s conversation hiding and thinks VJ aunty is betraying mamma/Preesha, he needs to inform mamma about it. VJ notices Saaransh behind and acts as slapping Yuvraj and asking him to leave as Roohi is not his daughter. He asks what happened to her. She signals Saransh is standing behind. He walks away. She walks to Aryan to find out what he heard and asks what is he doing here. He asks what was Yuvraj doing here. She says he was creating a drama and was saying he was Roohi’s father and wants to meet her and Preesha, so she slapped and sent him away; asks if he heard anything. He says he just came now and asks if mamma will be out of jail. VJ relaxes hearing that and leaves for court. He thinks he lied to VJ aunty deliberately and thiks of informing mamma about VJ’s evil plan.

Roohi walks to Preesha and says she is happy that she is back. She says this house is so big and she is enjoying here. She insists to show the house and takes her along. Preesha remembers quality time spent in the house. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background. She thinks nothing has happened in this house. Roohi takes her to Rudra’s room. Rudra walks in and asks what is she doing here. Preesha sends Roohi away and asks why did he remove their pictures, if he hates her so much. He asks if she felt bad, why didn’t she think before betraying him, she took herself away from him. This place had each memory of her for 5 years in her absence and she was present everywhere in this place, but after learning about her betrayal, his love for her died and he hates her now, so she shouldn’t come in front of him and should get out of his life, etc. She walks away crying. He also breaks down.

Sharda hears their conversation and walks behind Preesha. Rudra thinks why he is feeling bad breaking her heart; the more he tries to send her away, the more she is getting closer to him. Saransh walks towards Preesha’s room to inform her about VJ’s betrayal. Sharda stops him and says Preesha is upset and needs her at this time. Saransh thinks when to inform mamma then. Sharda walks in and asks Preesha not to hurt herself. Preesha says Rudra hates her and removed her each memory from his room. She says Rudra still loves her and hence he is angry and in pain. She takes her to Rudra’s, draws curtain aside, and shows her pictures still on the wall. Preesha gets emotional seeing them. Sharda says Rudra loves her immensely and hides his love like he hides these pics.

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Rudra gets out of bathroom and seeing Preesha asks why did she return to his room. She says he lied to her and draws curtain aside. Rudra says he didn’t lie, she doesn’t have a place in his heart, so she hid her pics. She asks how will he hide the moments and feelings they spent together in this room. He says he has erased them from his memory, so she shouldn’t pester him again. Preesha walks out crying. VJ asks if she is fine. Preesha wipes her tears and says she is fine. VJ says she knows its difficult to bear Rudra’s hatred, its just a matter of 7 days as court hearing is in 7 days and she can clear Rudra’s misunderstanding after that.

Saransh hears their conversation and tells Preesha that he needs to inform her something and takes her to room. Preesha says he must be worried about Rudra’s misbehavior towards her, but VJ is working hard to help her and soon she will clear Rudra’s misunderstanding. Saransh asks her not to trust VJ and reveals what he heard. Preesha is shocked to hear that. Saransh says VJ wants to send her back to jail permanently. Preesha says she needs to find out truth.

Precap: Preesha with GPS’ help finds out that bullet which hit Venky and gun Rudra was holding don’t match, asks how did VJ find it out.
GPS says either she is the murderer or knows who the murderer is. Preesha spikes VJ’s juice and aks who killed Venky.

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