Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha teases Rudraksh

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasu shouting on Yuvraj. He says you think I m a thief, I hugged Prisha to steal the necklace, no, I hugged her to give courage, you don’t trust me, Rudraksh or Ahana did this to insult us, still its my mistake to go there, forgive me. Gopal makes a face. He says you can scold me or beat me, don’t turn away, I fell so alone that I want to give my life, I couldn’t commit suicide because of Saransh, you handle me and get me out of this depression, get me much work that I get busy, you have contacts and can help me, I have no money for living. Gopal says no, you have shut all the ways for yourself.

Yuvraj says no, you are there for me, I can’t ask Prisha for help. Gopal scolds him and says I m not your dad, I m Prisha’s dad, I won’t keep any terms with you. She shouts on him and asks him to just get out. Yuvraj says I won’t go. Gopal and Vasu throw him out. Gopal says I won’t recommended him for the job, he is a cheap man, its good that Prisha didn’t marry him, get lost. Yuvraj hears the men talking to Gopal. The man gives 10 lakhs cheque to Gopal for the building repair work. Yuvraj says so he is going to get 10 lakhs, you insulted me, see what I do, I will meet you there.

Balraj says Rudra, you have to give an interview. Prisha says Rudra isn’t able to talk. Balraj says people love you because of your voice, you are a rockstair, you lost your voice. Niketan comes. Balraj says Rudra lost his voice, there is no one to talk on his behalf. Prisha says I can talk, like a narrator, I m understanding his gestures. Balraj asks what. Niketan says she is like an interpretor, do you want to keep the interview or not, we don’t have any option, so its done, Prisha will handle it. Balraj thinks I can’t refuse to Niketan. He says brilliant, you are a genius Niketan. He asks Prisha to make Rudra’s image strong and not ruin the interview. He goes. Prisha sees Rudra and says I m your wife, I can do this, I won’t let your image spoil, you trust me right. Rudraksh thinks she will take revenge on me. She asks him to be ready. She goes.

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Gopal says I got the cash, I will reach in some time, send the contractor. Yuvraj steals the bag and flees on his bike. Gopal shouts. He says what will I answer the society people, who took the money. Yuvraj smiles. He says I will go home with ten lakhs and now Gopal would be beaten up. Rudraksh and Prisha meet the journalist. Prisha says he has a bad throat, he can’t answer, I will answer you on his behalf. The lady asks how did he get a bad throat. Prisha says it was much show off, he had a tub of icecream like kids. He thinks she will ruin the interview. Prisha says yes, I will ruin the interview. Rudra signs to stop the interview. Prisha says he is asking to hurry. The lady asks him how is his life after marriage. Rudra thinks tell them that my life turned into hell. Prisha says his life turned into good. She praises herself. The lady asks him to tell something romantic that he did for his wife. Rudraksh thinks yes, I took her to the bar. Prisha says he does everything to make me feel special. She teases him. He stops her from saying. Prisha asks him to leave her hand. The lady asks her to say. Prisha says Rudra was in the junkyard all night. The lady asks did he drink a lot. Rudraksh thinks I will not leave you. Prisha says my ring was lost, someone told me to find it in the junk, he finally found the ring in the junkyard. He thinks just stay in limits.

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The lady says how sweet of you, its so romantic, so Rudra has become a family man, can he give time to abroad shows or not. Prisha says he means nothing will change professionally. He thinks she answered right. Prisha says there will be one change, he told me something, he will donate 20% of his earnings. Rudraksh thinks when did I say it. Prisha asks what happened, 40%, okay, Rudraksh is going to open a NGO for kids, he will teach them singing and also sing for them. The lady says its a noble thought, really, marriage has changed you, your wife has changed you, she was accused for Rajeev’s murder, she is with you. Rudraksh thinks I will take revenge on her. Prisha says he believes that I m innocent, he loves Saransh a lot. The lady says Rudra loves kids a lot, thank you for your time, God bless you both.

Rudra takes Prisha with him and shouts why did you say all that. She asks him not to strain his neck. She shows a fan mail to him. She says a kid is suffering with cancer, he wants to sing a song with you, I have read it.

Rudraksh hugs Saransh and thinks I will give him much love. Yuvraj says I want Saransh’s trust fund. Gopal doubts on Yuvraj. Someone pushes Saransh and hurts him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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