Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha To Visit Delhi Again

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2022 Written Episode

Roohi makes inebriated Rudra rest properly on the bed. She talks to Preesha’s photo and tells her that in her absence, she is taking care of Rudra and quests her to come back. On the other side, Digvijay asks Arman if he knew that Preesha would turn violent eventually. He says he knows. Digvijay asks then why is he giving the memory erasing injection and risking Preesha’s life. Armaan recalls doctor informing him that its risky for Preesha if she continues to receive memory erasing injections. Armaan says he wants Preesha to forgot a person. Doctor says the can cook up a story against that person and make Preesha hat him instead. Armaan agrees.

Doctor hypnotizes Preesha, and Armaan makes her watch a morphed video where Rudra forcefully marries Preesha and tortures her both physically and s*xually. He makes her believe that she doesn’t want to see Rudra’s face or hear even his name as he is an evil. He tells Armaan that once Preesha wakes up, she will hate Rudra seeing Armaan’s morphed video. He also warns him about the side effects of memory erasing medicine like fits, anger outburst, etc. Armaan he will manage Preesha. He later hugs Preesha from behind calling her Wifey like Rudra. Preesha gets an anger outburst and breaks a vase on his head injuring him. She then gets into her senses and apologizes Armaan. Doctor informs Armaan that Preesha reacted as he must have spoken or done which Rudra used to do. Armaan says he called her as wifey. Doctor asks him to continue the medicine or else Preesha’s memory will be back.

Digivaj asks Armaan what did he get after doing all this, Preesha gets violent even if he touches her and still remembers Rudra subconsciously. Armaan says who cares, Preesha hates Rudra now and is my wife now and happy with me. He says he will not let Preesha return to her old life. On the other side, Roohi walks to Saransh and says Rudra has returned home. Saransh asks why is she informing him this. She says because he is her elder brother. He says he doesn’t care. She thinks she knows Saransh is worried for Rudra and keeps himself awake until Rudra returns home, that is why she informed him that Rudra returned home. Saransh wishes her good night and goes to sleep. They both cry looking at Preesha’s photo and miss her.

Next morning, Pihu excitedly informs family that she got an admission in India’s best mass media college in Delhi. Digvijay denies permission. Preesha asks why can’t Pihu go as she got admission already. Armaan says Pihu will not go there alone. Preesha says she will accompany Pihu. Armaan refuses and says business delegates are coming this week. Digvijay says Kanchan will accompany Pihu and will return once Pihu settles down. Armaan gets angry while Pihu rejoices. She thanks Preesha for supporting her.

Preesha gets anger outburst hearing some word again and attacks maid. Maid shivers in fear. Preesha apologizes her and gives her money for her dauhgter’s school fees. Maid nervously accept money. Preesha asks her daughter’s name. Maid says Roohi. Preesha feels connected to the name. Pihu calms Preesha down and asks her to help her in packing.

Precap: Kanchan feels nervous to interact in college. Pihu hopes Preesha accompanies her instead. Sharda informs Rudra that he needs to attend a college orientation. Armaan gets angry hearing about Preesha accompanying Roohi to the same college where Rudra went and this he will not let Preesha go back to Rudra.

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