Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Blames Samrat For Ishani’s Condition

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2023 Written Episode

Samrat tracks Ishani’s live location via her mobile and finds her in RPA mills. Mohit asks why would Ishani go there. Samrat says let us go and find out and reaches there with Mohit and Nayan. They notice a party going inside. Samrat says Mohit was wrongly accusing him while his wife is partying here. Nayan says she knows Ishani well who isn’t a party type girl and seeing her room, it looks like she was forcefully taken out. Samrat says let us see. Nayan confuses a girl as Ishani and walks to her, but
then apologizes and leaves. Samrat asks if she found Ishani. Nayan says no, let us search somewhere else. Party host identifies rockstar Samrat and insists him to participate in couple games with them. Samrat agrees. Nayan scolds Samrat for planning to play games while Ishani is missing. Samrat says they can track all the guests well if they go on stage. Nayan agrees to play couple games with her and walks on stage.

During first game, host asks men to identify their partner’s shoes. Sam smells Nayan’s shoes and identifies them. Host asks Nayan if these shoes belong to her. She nods yes. Host announces Sam as winner and says he is a real lover who knows his girlfriend so well. Sam says she is his wife. Nayan asks how did he identify her shoes. He says she uses coconut oil from tip to toe, so it was easily to identify her shoes. At home, Revati fumes learning about Samrat accompanying Nayan to find Ishani. She calls Sam and asks if he found that girl. He says not yet and disconnects call. Aliya says Sam is leaning towards behanji Nayan too much and is changing since she entered his life.

Host next announces paper dance game and says whoever will stay till end will be the winner. Nayan and Sam dance on Dil Sambhal Jaa Zaraa.. song. At the last phase of game, Samrat hesitates to lift Nayan. Nayan permits him and he lilfts her and dances. Mohit walks on stage and asks them come soon as he found something. He takes them to parking lot and shows Ishani’s chappal. They search for Ishani all around Samrat finds her unconscious and injured lyng behind a car. Nayan blames Samrat for Ishani’s condition. Samrat says he helped her find Ishani instead. Nayan says he was wasting time in game and was just fooling her to take revenge from Ishani for marrying Mohit. Samrat shouts why would he do that, she has gone mad, he is not a criminal to physically harm anyone. Mohit asks them to stop it and help him take Ishani to hospital first. Nayan warns Sam that she will not spare him if something happens to Ishani.

Precap: Doctor informs that Ishani’s condition is critical and only prayers can save her. Samrat hears Nayan praying god to save her sister. Nayan accepts that Ishani is her sister. Sam says she is no different than him who tricked him and got her sister married to Mohit, he will never forgive her for that. Nayan he is nothing to her for forgive her.

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