Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Troubles Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2023 Written Episode

Revati and Aaliya notice servant taking chocolate cake and question him. Servant says its for Samrat sir and leaves. They both get suspicious thinking why would Sam having junk food since morning. Revati says she will go and check. Nayan feeds cake to Prem. Revati knocks door. Nayan asks not say anything. Sam says he will and let mom come and rescue him. Nayan stuffs a cloth in Sam’s mouth, writes a message on paper that he is working on a new song and doesn’t want to be disturbed, slides it out a door. Revati reads it and thinks she will benefit if Sam makes a new song. She then walks to Nayan and Prem’s room and finds them missing and servant cleaning the room instead. Servant informs that Nayan left in the morning for her house and said she will never come back here again. Revati feels happy thinking the trouble herself left the house.

Nayan continues to take revenge from Sam and paints his face. Sam get angry. Nayan threatens to stay in his room for 10 days and keep him hungry. Sam thinks why isn’t mom coming here and getting him out of this problem. Chintu comes to meet Nayan and Prem. Revati scolds him and says they are at his house itself. Chintu says they are not and hence he brought Prem’s favorite chocolate cake for him. Revati realizes that Prem and Nayan are in Sam’s room. She takes key from servantg and suddenly opens door. She is shocked to see Sam’s condition and frees him. Sam describes how Nayan tortured him. Revati confronts Nayan for torturing her son. Nayan says even her son tortured them and forced them to stay in a dirty servant quarters. Revati warns her to throw her out of house if she tries to act oversmart. Nayan challenges her to do that and reminds court’s order that its representative will visit every week to check Prem’s condition and if they find Prem not there, they will be arrested in contpemnt of court orders charges. Sam asks if she is threatening them. She says they can think whatever they can.

Servant informs Revati that a few people have come for Sam’s photoshoot. Revati says she forgot to inform Sam that she arranged his photoshoot today. Sam says he can’t in this bad mood. Revati insists and convinces Sam and asks him to get ready and meet the team. Sam gets ready and meets the team. Photographer congratulates him for his wedding and asks if his wife will attend his photoshoot. Sam says she will and in fact will participate with him. Photographer gives him a dress and asks him ask his wife to wear it for photoshoot. Nayan and Revati’s tussle continues. Sam gives a skimpy dress to Nayan and orders her to wear it for a photoshoot with him. Nayan refuses. Revati threatens to lash Prem if she doesn’t agree. Nayan agrees. Revati says Prem will be with her until the shooting endds. Sam taunts Nayan to get ready for the shoot.

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Revati locks Prem in a room. Sam praises Revati for her drama and says he knows she was just threatening Nayan and wouldn’t beat a small kid. reati says she is not a chudail to torture a little boy and thinks she had to act in front of Sam and will hit Prem if necessary.

Precap: Prem notices Nayan feeling embarrassed in a short dress and covers her in a veil. Photographer asks who is this boy who is disturbing their shoot. Sam says maybe his staff’s son. Prem feels sad.
Nayan determines to get them closer.

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