Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Roohi’s Appeal To Rudra And Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2022 Written Episode

Pihu asks Preesha what was she doing outside Rudra’s room. Preesha says Pihu called her. Pihu says she didn’t, god knows who called her. Preesha says Roohi informed her that Pihu called her. Rudra says its Roohi’s prank. He notices Saransh and Roohi hiding, calls them, and asks who played this prank. They both agreed that they did it as they want their parents to reunite. Roohi says she thought Preesha would stop Rudra and Pihu’s marriage and Rudra would realize his love for Preesha. Saransh says they wanted Pihu to leave Rudra and let him reunite with Preesha and form a happy family again.

Pihu scolds them for conspiring against her. Rudra warns her to stop scolding his kids as kids are not wrong in their thinking, they need both parents’ love. Pihu asks what does he mean. He says they should give time to children and let them realize that their parents have married someone else and moved on. Roohi feels sad that their plan failed. Saransh asks her not to feel sad as they will prepare another plan. Roohi notices Armaan playing nearby and says he pranked her, now its her time to prank him.

Teacher takes Armaan, Roohi, Saransh, and other children’s class and leaves. Roohi says teacher left his pen by mistake, who will go and give it to him. Armaan says he will and gets up. His half pant tears from behind. Children start laughing and shaming him. Armaan complains Preesha against Roohi. Roohi denies his allegations. Preesha says Roohi hasn’t done it if she is denying it. Armaan says he is sure Roohi did it. Preesha takes him away. Saransh asks Roohi if she did it. Roohi recalls how she poured gum on Armaan’s seat. Saransh praises her for teaching Armaan a lesson and says its time to reunite their parents. Pihu reminds she has sports day and will convince her parents to attend it.

Roohi requests Rudra to attend her sports day with Preesha as her parents. Pihu says they can’t as they are married to different people now. Roohi says they are her parents though and emotionally blackmails Rudra. Rudra agrees. Roohi thanks him and then convinces Preesha next. Pihu tells Rudra that its unfair that he visits Roohi’s sports day with Preesha as his wife. Rudra says he doesn’t care and values only his children’s wishes. Pihu thinks she will accompany accompany them and he will see what she will do there.

Next day, Rudra and Preesha visit Roohi’s school. Rudra tells Preesha that he is doing this for Roohi’s happiness. Preesha says same with her. Roohi says she is happy that they both are together for her like a happy family. Pihu walks in. Roohi asks what Pihu doing here. Rudra says she came to cheer her up. Roohi’s friend join her and asks if she came with her parents. Roohi introduces Rudra and Preesha as her parents and Pihu as her aunt, father’s sister. Pihu stands frowning. Sports day event starts. Host announces that even parents would be participating this time and announces a 3-legged race. Roohi convinces Rudra and Preesha to participate with emotional blackmail. They both participate, leaving Pihu jealous.

Precap: Rudra and Preesha win race and hug each other. Roohi says they are world’s best parents. Pihu provokes Armaan against Roohi who cuts Roohi’s hair while she is asleep.

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