Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara’s Retaliation Against Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Episode

Samrat accuses Nayantara of using Prem to postpone their divorce proceedings and continue as his wife by using Prem. Nayan denies his allegation. Prem tells Nayan that that he is very happy with the judgement and thanks Chintu for his plan. Sam says Nayan used Chintu and Prem for her benefit. Nayan says she didn’t know about Prem and Chintu’s plan at all. Sam leaves with Revati. Revati says it is all Nayan’c clever plan who didn’t even spare her brother and little Prem just to stay with Sam, now they have to bear her for another 6 months. Sam says Nayan wants to lead a luxurious life, he will not let her do that. Nayan returns home and informs Malati that her divorce is postponed for 6 months because of Chintu. Malati scolds Chintu. Chintu says he did it for Prem as Prem wants to stay with Nayan and Sam. Ishani says its god’s wish which children acted on, so Nayan shouldn’t scolds kids; she is worried that Sam will make Nayan’s life a hell though. Nayan says she will return to Sam’s house and see what he is going to do.

Nayantara with Prem returns to Sam’s house. Sam performs her graha pravesh and welcomes her. He asks if she thought she would enjoy luxuries here. She says she didn’t come here for that. Sam says he will show her room and takes her to a dilapidated and uninhabitable room. Nayan asks if he has gone mad, how will a little kid stay here. Sam says he is not a kid but an evil who is supporting her in her wick plans and walks away. Nayan spreads papers on floor and makes Prem sleep on it. Samrat feels pity for them, but Revati asks him not to feel pity and reminds what Nayan is up to. Sam agrees and leaves. Prem doesn’t get sleep. Nayan plans against Sam.

Next morning, Sam wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair in his vest and brief and Nayan and Prem sleeping on bed. Nayan says they took revenge for forcing them to sleep in servant’s quarters and recalls how she entered his room silentl, tied him to chair, and slept on his bed. Sam shouts and says he will call his mother. Nayan says how will he and message Revati via his mobile that he is working on a new music composition and doesn’t need disturbance. Sam shouts he will not spare her. Nayan say he is kidnapped in his own room. Revati sees message and says its good that Sam is geting busy at work. Aaliya says she will go and check. Revati stops her and says he was disturbed after recent incidents, so let him get busy in his work.

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PRem tells Nayan that he is feeling hungry. Nayan sends message via Sam’s mobile to bring pizza for him. Revati sees ervant taking pizza for Sam and feels impressed with Sam’s workoholic behavior. Nayan and Prem enjoy pizza taunting Sam.

Precap: Sam shouts when Nayan and Prem paint his face. Revati reaches and rescues him. Sam gives a short dress to Nayan and asks her to wear it during photo session. Nayan feels embarrased. Prem picks a curtain and runs towards Nayan.

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