Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Saransh pranks Rudraksh

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudraksh coughing. He misses Rajeev. Balraj asks him to sleep and prepare for the recording. Rudraksh says I will rest and do recording later. Balraj scolds him and goes. Saransh looks on. Rudraksh says if Rajeev was here, he would have stopped her. Saransh says I had come to ask about mumma, I got this hot water, drink some, you will be fine. Rudraksh refuses. Saransh insists. Rudraksh drinks it. Saransh makes him rest. Rudraksh asks why are you forcing me. Saransh says I shall punish you like teachers do. Rudraksh says I m not getting sleep. Saransh asks him to just sleep. He applies the balm on his head and asks him to just sleep.

Rudraksh sees him. Saransh says when I got cold, Vasu used to apply balm like this, it will make you fall sleepy, why is your dad like this, does he not love you. Rudraksh asks why. Saransh says when I m ill, my mumma doesn’t let me get up from the bed, she doesn’t go to hospital, she loves me a lot, doesn’t your dad love you. Rudraksh asks him to stop talking, go and sleep. Saransh says you sleep first and then I will go now. He makes Rudraksh sleep. Rudraksh gets emotional. Prisha thinks how will be Saransh there, sorry, I had to do this for Saransh, since I m going away forever. Saransh says how will I sleep alone, I will feel scared, this bed is big, I will sleep here. He hugs Rudraksh and sleeps. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. Its morning, Rudraksh wakes up and asks Saransh did he sleep here at night. Saransh says I made you sleep, did you sleep well. Rudraksh says yes, no, I didn’t sleep well.

Saransh asks where is mumma, call her, tell me. Rudraksh says she won’t come, you can’t live with her, you will stay here. Saransh says I have to go, I won’t stay here, I want to be with Gopal and Vasu, please drop me home. Rudraksh says you have to stay here. Saransh says you aren’t listening to me, see what I do now. Rudraksh wakes up and wears his slippers. Rudraksh shows seeing the slime and asks what’s this, its not getting off, slimy glue. He falls on the bed. He sees his hands and face blackened. Saransh laughs. Rudra says Saransh has done this prank, maybe its a mistake, he added color in my face wash. He shouts Saransh…. He falls down by the wire. Rudraksh gets angry. Saransh comes laughing and throws more colour at him. He asks did you get angry, now will you get my mum. He runs. Rudraksh sits there.

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Gopal and Vasu meet Prisha and hug her. They say we are trying to free you. Prisha says I know its a lie, nothing can happen now, take care of yourself and Saransh, shall I ask for something for the last time, when I get hanged tomorrow, don’t come to see me. She goes crying. They cry. Gopal says I will try till the last moment, we still have one day. Saransh sees decorations and asks what’s happening. Manager says Rudra is marrying Mishika tomorrow. Saransh says such a big cheating.

Rudraksh asks Saransh not to play pranks. Saransh asks what about your cheating. Rudraksh asks what. Saransh asks shall I tell in front of them. Rudraksh sends the designers out. Saransh says you married my mumma, why are you marrying that bad aunty, this is cheating. Rudraksh says I married Prisha like a game. Saransh says no, that wasn’t a game, you won’t do this marriage. Rudraksh asks what will you do. Saransh says I m challenging you, I will stop this marriage. Rudra says fine, go and stop it.

Saransh says I will tell everyone that you married my mumma. Rudra says if you do this, then I will never let Prisha come out of jail, go and tell now. Saransh goes. Rudraksh says you always remind me about your mum. He gets message that Prisha is getting hanged tomorrow. He smiles and says she will get hanged and then I will marry after two hours. Ahana gets the dress for Mishika. Mishika likes it. She says I don’t want that kid baggage, I will talk to Rudra. Ahana says don’t spoil his mood, understand something, we always had money, but not business power, once you and Rudra get married, we will have this huge business, we will solve this problem easily, we will send Saransh to hostel. Manager comes and says madam is calling you both. Saransh hides from them. He smiles and says they left, now see what I do.

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Saransh spoils Mishika’s lahenga. Ahana says I will punish you. Rudraksh says don’t touch Saransh. Yuvraj reads the news and says I will burn you Rudraksh. Prisha is taken for punishment. Saransh says Rudra is my new dad, why is he cheating mum. Prisha says I want to meet my son for the last time. Rudraksh says no, my son won’t talk to any murderer, hang her fast. He goes for his marriage with Mishika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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