Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th January 2023 Written Episode

Samrat searches for Nayan in bathroom and not finding her there thinks she must have returned to the hall. He returns to hall where Revati that she didn’t come yet. He thinks she escaped with Mohit. He recalls fixing a tracker on her mobile and tracks her live location. Revati says this route goes to temple, maybe she is going to temple. Samrat says Nayan and Mohit are going to temple to marry after fooling them, they should reach temple and stop their marriage. They reach temple and find Mohit marying Ishani. Pandit says this marriage is complete and they are now husband and wife. Samrat shouts this marriage cannot happen, drags Mohit aside, and shouts he betrayed him and Aliya. Mohit says he didn’t leave any other option. Samrat shouts this marriage is illegal as Nayan already married him and is his wife.

Nayan walks in and says this girl is not his wife. Samrat is shocked seeing her. Nayan says he married her. She reveals that Mohit loves Ishani instead since the beginning, Samrat is confused from before. She unveils Ishani’s face. Samrat is more shocked and asks what rubbish is this. Nayan reveals that she was marrying Rohit during mass wedding event, in fact even Mohit came to inform him, but he didn’t listen at all. Samrat shouts at Mohit why didn’t he inform him later. Nayan says she stopped Mohit to stop Sam from harming Ishani and reveals how she planed to mislead Sam and get Mohit and Ishani married in temple. Out of flashback, she says she just wanted to not let Aliya reach court on time and went to Aliya in lieu of going to washroom and takes her in car. Aliya asks Nayan if she doesn’t want to marry Mohit. Nayan says she accepted the fact that she is married to Samrat now and has to bear him whole life. Aliya arrogantly warns her to stay away from Mohit. Nayan offers her spiked juice and makes her fall asleep and then leaves for temple.

Samrat shouts at Nayan why did he betray her. Nayan says one who married her by tricked is saying this, its a tit for tat. Revati tells Samrat that she already warned him against Nayan and asks where is Aliya. Nayan says Aliya is resting in a car behind the temple. Revati rushes and wakes up Aliya. Aliya asks what had happened to her, where is Mohit. Revati says Nayan tricked them and got Mohit married to Ishani. Aliya runs in and panics seeing Mohit and Ishani as grom and bide. She asks Samrat what is happening here. Samrat says Nayan tricked them to protect Ishani and got her married to Mohit. He warns Nayan and Mohit to ruin their lives for betraying his sister and making her cry. He breaks up his marriage with Nayan and asks her to get out of his sight. Nayan says she herself will get out of his jail house as Ishani married Mohit and leaves from temple with her family.

Malati asks her where will they stay now. Nayan says they will find a rented house. Mohit says they need not worry as they are his family now and his responsibility, for the time being they can shift to a hotel with them. Ishani says Mohit is right and says their lives are in turmoil because of us, we will set everything right.

Precap: Nayan tells Samrat that Mohit never lovedf Aliya and they had married, 3 lives would have been ruined. Nayan tells Revati that he likes Nayan. Nayan leaves Samrat’s house.

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